Apr 23, 2008

The World Ends With You - Walkthrough Joshua Chapter

Joshua Chapter


<< The 1st Day >>

#= Scramble Crossing

Game I:
X = 30 + 74
t = 60 min.
Incompletes will be destroyed.

~Nothing to do here, just go to the Statue of Hachiko (left).

#= Statue of Hachiko

~Fight with some Carcinofolks with Joshua

~Obtain (S) High & Low Cards, Sidestep, Fusion Boost.

~Scan Joshua to trigger a scene, then back to previous area.

#= Scramble Crossing

~Talk to the Reaper, learn about Joshua's moves and then start battle with
some Carcinofolks.

~Obtain (B) CONTROLS/Press, Long Live the Ice, 5,000 Yen.

~Go 104 Building for boss battle.

#= 104 Building

~BOSS: Dub Rhino
Keep on dashing to its back and attack with anything you have.

~Obtain (S) Hard, Scarletite.


<< The 2nd Day >>

#= Scramble Crossing.

Game II:
Acquire the /-3 AU pin.
t = 300 min.
Incompletes will be destroyed.

~Scan Joshua for some events.

~Optional: Talk to the Reaper and wants Joshua to have a Natural Puppy
branded equipment, you can buy some from Cadoi City. Complete this
quest for Extra Fine Noodle and 1,000 Yen.
(thanks Chappy and Don Pacchi for notifying me)

#= Shibu Dept. Store / Cadoi City

~Enter Shibu Dept. Store, talk to the Reaper, then scan the area and defeat
the Yellow Noise Symbols for (S) ATK Boost. Talk to the Reaper again for
10,000 Yen and clear the wall to right.

~In Cadoi City save your game and move up to enter the battle with two
Eurobeat Boomers.

~Obtain (S) DEF Boost, Ichimonji, Scarletite.

#= Tipsy Tose Hall / Spain Hill

~Here's an optional mini quest, skip this part if you don't interesting.
From the location above, back to Scramble Crossing -> Center St. Entrance ->
AMX -> Tipsy Tose Hall, scan the left area to locate the Green Noise, defeat
it for Sexy + pin (use Sexy D for this fight).

~Now go Spain Hill, scan around the Mexican Dog to locate the Green Noise,
defeat it will get Handfree Healing.

~Since you've reached Spain Hill, purchase something from the Mexican Dog
until the Definitivo Chili Dog appears. You need Rare Metal x3, Choice Meat x1,
and Crimson Chili x1 to get this item. Well, just take it now, there's a Reaper
needs this in Molco.

#= Molco

~If you followed the steps above, make your way back to Cadoi City, go top to

~As mentioned above, the Reaper wants the Definitivo Chili Dog, now speak with
him on the left to obtain Sparkling Silver, 1,000 Yen.

~Scan around the bottom right for a Green Noise. Defeat it for Izanami.
Tips: use Pyrokinesis pin!

~Now enter the building twice and start playing the Tin Pin Slash. You can
practice as many as you like in the first battle. The second battle is much
easier than the first one. Beat you opponent to obtain Tin Pin Fire,
Tin Pin Custom, (B) Tin Pin Slammer.

~Take the exit to Cadoi City to see some events.


<< The 3rd Day >>

#= Scramble Crossing / Tipsy Tose Hall

~After the scene, you start at Scramble Crossing.

~Optional: Go Tipsy Tose Hall through the exit to Center St. Entrance.
Scan the middle of Tipsy Tose Hall to locate a Green Noise, defeat it for
10,000 Yen.

#= Shibu Dept. Store

~You can buy the (S) Tin Pin Versus from the shop here.

~Head to right.

#= Cadoi City

~Talk to the Reaper on the right, erase three Noise Symbols that shown by the
Reaper. Talk to him again for (S) Phone Camera, Konohana Sakura, 5,000 Yen.

#= Towa Record

~Follow the path to upper area.

#= Miyashita Park Underpass.

~You can find a Green Noise around the Reaper, beat it to get a Rare Metal.

~Get a Pop Pendulum from Carcinosamps if you haven't. Talk to the Reaper to
clear the wall.

#= Miyashita Park

~There's a Blue Noise in the middle, save your game first if you curious, it's
Noise No. 44 Progfox.

~Move right to next area.

#= Cat Street

~After the event, you can have a look on the Jupiter of Monkey.

~Now go right, enter WildKat to trigger the event. Ask everything available.

~Make you way back to Towa Records.

#= Towa Records

~BOSS: Beat
Survive this battle for a short while to end it. You will get Octo Squeeze
and 10,000 Yen.

~After that, back to Cadoi City.

#= Cadoi City / Molco / Spain Hill

~In Cadoi City, talk to the boys around the left area., then go to Molco.

~Talk to the two Reapers in Molco, then take the left path.

~Examine the junk pile in Spain Hill.

~Go left.

#= Tipsy Tose Hall

~You can play the Tin Pin minigame in the Stride now.

~Talk to Yashiro and Kariya for a scene.

~Go right to AMX, then Center St. Entrance.

#= Center St. Entrance

~Talk to Mina and Ai, then back to Scramble Crossing.

#= Scramble Crossing

~Talk to the Reaper on the top part, he requests to raise Natural Puppy brand
to No. 1. You can simple equip as many Natural Puppy items as you can and fight
some Noise here. Once you did it, get your rewards from the Reaper which are
1,000 Yen and Fluffy Cotton.

~Talk to the Reaper on the left side. To answer his questions, choose
Bouillabaisse, Near Molco, Bach accordingly, you will get Cozy Down and
1,000 Yen from him.

~Now go Dogenzaka through 104 Building area.

#= Dogenzaka

~Now the (B) Blue Noise Symbols is available in Cosmic Corner.

~Move forward, enter the Shadow Ramen shop for event.

~Go around Ramen Don and scan, clear the Yellow Noise. Obtain (S) ATK Boost,
Crackle Pop Barrier.

~Check out the Ramen Don.

~Enter Shadow Ramen. After the scene, enter once again to get Dessert meme.

~Go left to A-East

#= A-East / Concert Stage

~Talk to the Prince near the Concert Stage. Scan and clear his Yellow Noise.
Obtain (S) DEF Boost, Scarletite and the Simple meme.

~Get into the Concert Stage, go top right and speak to the Tech for meme
Spicy Tuna Roll, then leave.

~Talk to the Reaper on the top area and you need the Supply Factor pin.
To get this pin, switch to easy mode and find Noise No. 29 Jelly Madchester,
let it spawns No. 30 Jelly Swechno (Red colour), beat it to get Supply Factor,
but the chance is very low, try low down your level to increase the drop rate.

~Once you done, talk to the Reaper for Hamburger and 10,000 Yen. Now you can
go Shibukyu Main Store for shopping and a Yellow meme from the boys, and you
can find a (S) Extra Slot and (B) Sub-slots form Shibukyu Main Store as quest

#= Dogenzaka

~Go to Ramen Don and imprint the owner. If you have got the Yellow meme,
you can now input this meme to him. Enter Ramen Don to obtain Live for Food.
If you didn't get Yellow meme, just input Simple meme for him. Enter Ramen Don
for some events.

NOTE: You can choose Dessert meme first for a little extra event.

~That's all for the 3rd day.


<< The 4th Day >>

#= Scramble Crossing

~Optional: Go left to the Statue of Hachiko, talk to the Reaper and clear
ten Noise Symbols of this area (exit and re-enter to spawn more Noise), the
rewards for this are 1,000 Yen and Pretty Ribbon.

~Go top right to Center St. Entrance.

#= Center St. Entrance

~Talk to the Reaper, find a Sexy + for him. If you followed the walkthrough,
you're probably have one now, if not, fight a Easterraven around on easy mode.
Talk to the Reaper when you got the Sexy + for 5,000 Yen.

~Go on to next area.

#= AMX

~Talk to the Reaper and chain 4 Noise Symbols to get pass. Obtain 5,000 Yen.

#= Tipsy Tose Hall

~Examine the junk pile.

~Talk to 777 around the left. After the scene, you will get (S) DEf Boost,
10,000 Yen x3, and 5 Yen.

~Talk to 777 again and ask him all questions.

~Before you go, you can enter Stride for Tin Pin minigame, get a win for
Tin Pin Wheel.

#= Spain Hill

~Once enter this place will trigger a scene. After that, go right and talk
to the Reaper. Likewise, ask him everything.

#= Molco

~Obtain Tin Pin Golem during the event.

~Head to bottom area and examine the public telephone.

~Scan the right area to locate a Green Noise, this pig is invisible on the
bottom screen, however you can still hurt it if you guess it right. Defeat it
to get First Gear.

~Go down to Cadoi City, you can go Towa Record, then WildKat of the Cat Street
for some extra scenes.

~All you need to go is Scramble Crossing.

#= Scramble Crossing

~Speak with the Reaper and ask him everything.

~Afterwards, take the top right path to Center St. Street -> AMX ->
Tipsy Tose Hall.

#= Tipsy Tose Hall

~Go speak with 777 for some scenes. Choose 2:02 p.m. then 1:55 p.m. and lastly
"None of above!"

~After this, the path to top left should open.

#= Shibu-Q Heads

BOSS: Beat
Just like the last battle, survive this fight around 30 seconds to advance.

~Obtain (S) ATK Boost, Live Slow, Die Fast and a Scarletite.

~Enter Shibu-Q Heads and you can find the Trendy Wallet which allows you to
hold up to 999,999 Yen, require 8x Rare Metal. Not enough? Fight Easterraven
on normal mode which can be found in Center St. Entrance.

~Head to left.

#= Udagawa Back Streets

~Check out the Cyco Records for a scene.

NOTE: Buy a San Francisco (prevents immobility) from Wild Boar if possible.

~Next up, talk to Joshua around the top area.

~Scan Joshua. That's all for this part.


<< The 5th Day >>

#= Scramble Crossing

~After the beginning scene, head right to trigger an event.

~Talk to the Reaper. Now you need to raise D+B brand to the first place.
Equip as many D+B items as you can and fight some Noise.

~Another thing is, you can find a Green Noise in West Bus Terminal, around
the bottom left corner, defeat it for Nikkari. Ichimonji pin helps alot.

~After that, go Shibu Dept. Store.

#= Shibu Dept. Store / Dogenzaka

~In Shibu Dept. Store, talk to the Reaper and he will request some foods.
Head to Dogenzaka and buy a Shio Ramen from Ramen Don.

~Talk to this Reaper again to get Psych Support and clear to wall to
Cadoi City.

#= Cadoi City

~Talk to the second Reaper at right. Choose Ken Doi, Insta-noodles, 580 Yen
during his test to advance. Obtain (S) DEF Boost.

~Continue to next area after the scene.

#= Towa Records

~Talk to the Reaper, he wants Neku equip all Mus Rattus branded equipments.
If you don't keep enough of it, you can buy from the Cadoi City.

~Once you done, talk to this Reaper to get Strong Body.

#= Miyashita Park Underpass

~Talk to the Reaper, beat him on Tin Pin game to get pass.
Obtain Tin Pin Thrift.

#= Miyashita Park

~Talk to the Reaper, defeat the Noise with the pins he gives. Basically you
just need to focus on Joshua's attack, get Fusion like 3 times to kill all

#= Cat Street

~Buy the Onikiri pin from the Jupiter of the Monkey if possible.

~Scan in front of Jupiter of the Monkey to find a Green Noise, this will give
you Burning Melon if you beat it.

~Enter WildKat for event. After that, back to Miyashita Park Underpass.

#= Miyashita Park Underpass

~BOSS: Beat
Likewise, survive this battle to get pass.

~Obtain (S) Safe Landing and 10,000 Yen.

~Before your next objective, the new Tin Pin map is available now. Go back to
the Stride in Tipsy Tose Hall if you want. The new Tin Pin map is quite tricky,
to challenge your opponents, you can simply hide in the red area and use any
ability to stun his pin, then knock it off. Beat Shooter for 500 Yen and Yammer
for Tin Pin Hellfire.

~After all, back to Scramble Crossing.

#= Scramble Crossing / Station Underpass

~Event occurs as you reach Scramble Crossing.

~Afterwards, go left to Statue of Hachiko -> West Exit Bus Terminal ->
Station Underpass.

~Move right to trigger an event.

~Move back to left for a boss fight.

~BOSS: Trance Rhino
Like a boss you fought before, dash to its back before attack. It's recommended
wait after it does an attack since it can turn back quite fast.

~Obtain 10,000 Yen and Scarletite.


<< The 6th Day >>

#= Scramble Crossing

Game VI:
Beat the bosses of
2.2360679's 0 + 5.
t = 60 min.
Incompletes will be destroyed.

~Obtain (B) Black Noise Symbol and (S) Levitate at the beginning.

~Move to Center St. Entrance will enter the battle. Defeat the monsters will
get Strong 'n' Proud.

#= Center St. Entrance

~Go near the entrance of AMX and scan, you should see a Green Noise up there.
Defeat it to obtain a Sparkle Charge.

#= AMX

~Choose "Help him" during the event. Defeat the Noise for 5,000 Yen, later
will get LIVE! as well.

~Middle can find a Blue Noise, No. 22 Grindcore Minks, save you game before
you challenge it. You will probably get a Frantic on normal mode.

~Move left to Tipsy Tose Hall.

#= Tipsy Tose Hall

~Choose "Help him" during the event. Defeat the Noise for (S) DEF Boost, later
will get Velocity Attack.

~Continue to the left way.

#= Shibu-Q Heads

~Choose "Help them" during the event. Defeat the Noise for 5,000 Yen.

~At bottom left, you can find a Green Noise. If you don't have the aquire pin
of that pig, you just put all the equipments which are boosting attack power
to Joshua, use his Levitate attack (press Up) to defeat it. Reward of this
pig is Burning Berry.

~Save you game before you continue to the left.

#= Udagawa Back Streets

BOSS: Wall of Grizzly
Not very hard since they both move slow, just make sure you dodge their moves.


<< The 7th Day >>

#= Scramble Crossing

Game 7:
Erase the Game Master
at Pork City.
time = 600 minutes.
Imcompletes will be erased.

P.S. Have cow and mouse on hand.

~Head up to 104 Building for an event, then go to the Shibukyu Main Store

#= Shibukyu Main Store

~Scan the top right corner to locate the Green Noise. Ha... this is tricky,
flip down your NDS lid to defeat it. You will get Acrhangel from this pig.

~Now head to left.

#= A-East / Concert Stage

~Scan the top right area for another Green Noise, erase it for 10,000 Yen.

~Enter Concert Stage to trigger an event, leave here to get Frozen Cool pin.

~Go down to Dogenzaka.

#= Dogenzaka

~A new path has been unlocked. Go left to Pork City.

#= Pork City

~1st Floor, talk to the Reapers twice to start your objective.

~Scan and clear all Yellow Noise Symbols, only Mus Rattus and Unbranded pins
are working here. If you don't have good pins from Mus Rattus or Unbranded,
focus on Joshua attacks.

~Once you've done, talk to the Reaper for (S) ATK Boost and 5,000 Yen. Now
take the elevator to upstairs.

~2nd Floor, talk to the Reapers twice to start your objective.

~Scan and clear all Yellow Noise Symbols, only D+B and Unbranded pins are
working here. If you don't have good pins from Mus Rattus or Unbranded,
focus on Joshua attacks.

~Once you've done, talk to the Reaper for (S) DEF Boost and 5,000 Yen. Now
take the elevator to upstairs for a boss battle.

~BOSS: Sho Minamimoto/Leo Cantus
He only appears on one screen. Try attack from his back, when he's transformed,
always stay a distance from him because now he will use melee type attacks. On
top screen is quite easy, move Joshua attack from the mid air while the boss is
on the ground, land down Joshua when the boss flies up, needless to say, do as
many attacks as possible to form a fusion to end this fast. Make sure the boss
is not warping when you do the fusion. Also bring the Cure Drink pin for this
battle since it takes a while to beat this boss.

~Obtain Candle Service, 10,000 Yen, Scarletite. That's all for Joshua Chapter.


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Anonymous said...

Do you know where to get the quest item Ashura??

sephirosuy said...

Jupiter of the Monkey in Cat Street, when your friendship level gets to level 4

Chappy said...

Day 2 with Joshua

Completing the Natural Puppy side-quest nets you Extra Fine Noodles and 1000 yen. (The shop only sells 3 items to wear, I had a Waffle Necktie on me from somewhere as 4th item.)

But he still wont let you thru to 104.


sephirosuy said...

Thanks for the information :)

Chappy said...

Day 5 with Joshua

Defeating Beat on Easy got me a Wild Boar in addition to the Safe Landing and 10k yen.

Anonymous said...

i still cant beat the pig noise that you have to close the lid to beat it... help!

Anonymous said...

I'm stuck on the fight with Sho Minamimoto. What level should I be and what stats/ pins/ items should I have to beat him on Normal? I'm level 39 at the moment.

Anonymous said...

same, when exactly do you close the lid, I've tried it when its green, just as it says to prepare to fight, and just as the pig is running away.. what's the trick?

Anonymous said...

i need help on getting the ninja garb and the biker gloves. can you help me with that?

Anonymous said...

never mind. i found them.

Anonymous said...

who wants to tell us how to beat that pig?

Shakers said...

Joshua Chapter, Day 5

Actually, when the Reaper in Miyashita Park makes you fight with the pins he gives you, you just have to blow into the DS' microphone. The longer/harder you blow, the more powerful the pins' effects are.

(He hints at it a couple times, saying "it's a real scream" and "take a deep breath, and...").

Keji said...

does anyone know what neku or joshua says after you beat the grim heaper, i didn't hear, but it sounded so sad.

Anonymous said...

Do you mean "But Neku, give up on your self and you give up on the world."

Liam said...

Thanks, your guides are the best around. ;)