Oct 2, 2008

Sonic Chronicles TDB - Chao List

Sonic Chronicles: The Dark Brotherhood - Chao List

BarboIncreases Maximum HP of bonded character.Common
BelgogBonded character is much harder to hit.Rare
BepkeOne enemy will automatically attack the bonded character instead of other team.Rare
BlayzeBonded character does much more damage in battle.Rare
BoboBonded character will always find an extra reward item after combat.Rare
CheeseGreatly increases luck of all team members.Unique
CheezletBonded character does more damage in battle.Common
ChooBonded character regenerates PP at the start of each combat round.Common
ChoopalooIncreases XP gained from each battle.Unique
ChurdleBonded character has a better chance of hitting targets in battle.Common
DustyIncreases the chance that the team will catch a fleeing opponent.Rare
FeroxBonded character automatically succeeds using their POW Moves.Unique
FessIncreases chance of getting Rare / Unique Chao from the eggs.Rare
GhiseBonded character's attacks do Water damage.Common
GibberBonded character has greatly increased resistance to damage.Rare
GriffBonded character's attacks do ice damage.Common
HaydaRegenerates PP at the start of each combat round for all allies.Rare
JirnaChao creates an earth shield to protect against damage.Common
JoyRegenerates HP at the start of every combat round for all allies.Rare
KaylaReduces the team's chance of being Ambushed.Rare
KeroyoIncreses odds of enemies fleeing from battle.Rare
KnicktChao creates a shield of lightning to protect against damage.Common
KooletBonded character is harder to hit.Common
KorusChao creates a shield of fire to protect against damage.Common
LuunanGreatly increases Maximum PP of bonded character.Rare
OldargBonded character has a greatly increased chance to hit the targets.Rare
OoleanIncreases Maximum PP of bonded character.Common
OvusBonded character is automatically revived once during battle.Unique
PertyChao creates a shield of water to protect against damage.Common
PyrazBonded character's attacks do Fire damage.Common
RaduGreatly increases Maximum HP of bonded character.Rare
RugleBonded character has increased luck.Common
SeeriChao creates a shield of wind to protect against damage.Common
SeggoBonded character's attacks do Wind damage.Common
SpartoiBonded character's basic attacks may cause instant KO.Unique
StebslyBonded character regenerates HP at the start of every combat round.Common
StiglinBonded character's attacks do Earth damage.Common
VelkBonded character has increased resistance to damage.Common
ZimbaBonded character's attacks do Lightning damage.Common
ZousarIncreases the team's chances of ambushing opoosing teams.Rare

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