Nov 3, 2008

Castlevania: Order of Ecclesia - Enemies Data / Bestiary

1. Lot of enemies do appear in more than one location, I only list down the easier places to encounter these enemies, and it's based on Normal Mode.
2. Some of the enemies who are holding the glyph won't drop it after defeated. Example 031 Fire Demon. For this kind of enemies, you can only get the glyph by absorbing its glyph when the enemy is casting it.

No.NameHPEXPDrops (*rarity)GlyphFound
002Zombie91Rotten Meat (*4)-Monastery
006Bone Scimitar175-SecareMonastery
007Sea Stinger61--Kalidus Channel
008Nominon167--Ruvas Forest
009Axe Knight239Copper Ore (*4)AsciaRuvas Forest
010Une11--Ruvas Forest
011Merman178Meat (*4)
Zircon (*4)
-Kalidus Channel
012Necromancer227-Fidelis CariesRuvas Forest
013Bone Archer185-ArcusMonastery
014Spear Guard249Copper Ore (*4)HastaMinera Prison Isle
015Invisible Man7015--Minera Prison Isle
016Gelso144--Kalidus Channel
017Needles102--Kalidus Channel
018Demon4422--Minera Prison Isle
019Fishhead507Salt (*4)-Kalidus Channel
020Dark Octopus4018Black Ink (*5)-Kalidus Channel
021Killer Fish3817Raw Killer Fish (*5)-Kalidus Channel
022Forneus4319Salt (*4)-Kalidus Channel
023The Creature26090--Minera Prison Isle
024Black Crow1313--Tymeo Mountains
025Skull Spider3220Anti-Venom (*3)Fidelis AraneaTymeo Mountains
026Scarecrow5626--Tymeo Mountains
027Sea Demon8833-GrandoKalidus Channel,
Somnus Reef
028Winged Guard101--Tymeo Mountains
029Nightmare4427Horse Hair (*3)-Tymeo Mountains
030Rock Knight10045Iron Ore (*3)-Tymeo Mountains
031Fire Demon11166Crimson Greaves (*4)
Crimson Mail (*4)
IgnisTymeo Mountains
032Bitterfly3329--Misty Forest Road
033Specter3431--Kalidus Channel,
Misty Forest Road
034Grave Digger15065Earl Grey (*4)-Misty Forest Road
035Werebat9950-Arma ChiopteraMisty Forest Road
036Black Fomor6649Milk (*3)UmbraMisty Forest Road
037Enkidu450250--Misty Forest Road
038Bone Pillar20022--Skeleton Cave
039Skeleton Frisky6228--Skeleton Cave
040Skeleton Hero8050--Skeleton Cave
041Dullahan8854-Vol ConfodereSkeleton Cave
042Skeleton Rex184105--Skeleton Cave
043White Dragon200150--Misty Forest Road,
Skeleton Cave
044Saint Elmo136--Somnus Reef
045Lorelai8859Merman Meat (*5)-Somnus Reef
046Edimu11057--Somnus Reef
047Decarabia9663--Somnus Reef
048Merman8056Zircon (*4)-Somnus Reef
049Ladycat9863Croque Monsieur (*4)
Heart Repair (*5)
-Giant's Dwelling
050Ectoplasm3355Uncurse Potion (*4)-Giant's Dwelling
051Curse Diva4456Choco Souffle (*4)-Giant's Dwelling
052Miss Murder6666-Vol FalcisGiant's Dwelling
053Automaton ZX266464Iron Ore (*1)-Giant's Dwelling
054Skeleton Beast400190Barbarian Helm (*5)-Giant's Dwelling
055Balloon4540--Tristis Pass
056Arachne10477Silk Thread (*1)-Tristis Pass
057Lizardman180119Coper Plate (*4)Vol ScutumTristis Pass
058Armored Beast255133Meat (*4)-Tristis Pass
059Yeti166150--Tymeo Mountains
060Thunder Demon144133-FulgurTristis Pass
061Owl6952-Fidelis NoctuaTristis Pass
062Werewolf184120--Oblivion Ridge
063Altair2414Eagle Feather (*4)-Tristis Pass,
Oblivion Ridge
064Mandragora10058Mandrake Root (*4)-Argila Swamp
065Jersey Devil143100--Argila Swamp
066Owl Knight220125Silver Ore (*3)-Argila Swamp
067Chosen Une190130--Argila Swamp
068Stone Rose260150--Oblivion Ridge
069Mad Butcher210113--Mystery Manor
070White Formor14499Cashmere Thread(*4)Vol LuminatioMystery Manor
071Evil Force244114--Mystery Manor
072Flea Man3018Rice Ball (*4)-Oblivion Ridge
073Ghoul666Spoiled Milk (*4)-Dracula's Castle
074Peeping Eye9266Eye for Decay (*5)-Dracula's Castle
075Gargoyle130111--Dracula's Castle
076Blood Skeleton990--Dracula's Castle
077Black Panther168152-Arma FelixDracula's Castle
078Mimic293165--Tristis Pass
079Draculina266170Crepes Suzette (*4)
Stephanie (*5)
-Dracula's Castle
080Tin Man256180Silver Ore (*4)
Gold Ore (*5)
Dracula's Castle,
Large Cavern
081Pokir155124-Fidelis PokirDracula's Castle
082Nova Skeleton248138-NitescoDracula's Castle,
Training Hall
083Gashida355210--Dracula's Castle
084Devil444333--Dracula's Castle
085Gurkha Master240200Iron Leggings (*4)-Dracula's Castle
086Red Masher250200Iron Smasher (*4)Vol CulterDracula's Castle
087Cave Troll310199--Tymeo Mountains,
Dracula's Castle
088Blade Master200190--Dracula's Castle
089Lilith366188Pudding (*4)-Dracula's Castle
090Lizardman Blade375238--Dracula's Castle
091Hammer Shaker450260Silver Ore (*2)Melio MacirDracula's Castle
092Rebuild666400--Dracula's Castle
093Imp6644--Dracula's Castle
094Bugbear156134--Dracula's Castle
095Spectral Sword280240-Melio SecareDracula's Castle
096Automaton ZX27256128Silver Ore (*1)Arma MachinaDracula's Castle,
Training Hall
097Medusa Head11--Dracula's Castle
098Gorgon Head11Mirror Cuirass (*5)Fidelis MedusaDracula's Castle
099Mad Snatcher444200--Dracula's Castle
100Great Knight600450Knight Helm (*4)Melio AsciaDracula's Castle
101King Skeleton700460Barbarian Shoes (*4)
Barbarian Belt (*5)
-Dracula's Castle
102Winged Skeleton301-Fidellis AlateDracula's Castle
103Final Knight666573Knight Leggings (*4)
Knight Cuirass (*4)
-Dracula's Castle
104Jiang Shi65002525-Fidelis MortusLarge Cavern
105Demon Lord1333999-GlobusLarge Cavern
106Double Hammer20001600Gold Ore (*3)-Large Cavern,
Training Hall
107Weapon Master30002000Gold Ore (*3)-Large Cavern
108Giant Skeleton800350--Minera Prison Isle
111Maneater25001500--Skeleton Cave
112Rusalka28002000--Somnus Reef
113Goliath42002500--Giant's Dwelling
114Gravedorcus36003000--Oblivion Ridge
115Albus40000-AcerbatusMystery Manor
117Wallman99993500-PariesDracula's Castle
118Blackmore50004300--Dracula's Castle
119Eligor30004300--Dracula's Castle
120Death44444444--Dracula's Castle
121Dracula99990--Dracula's Castle

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Castor said...

Some people have been asking for a list of ap gains for each entry, too. Just FYI.

Neurotic bitch goddess said...

heads up - needles also drops salt (rarity: 4) :)