Jan 7, 2009

FFCC: Echoes of Time - Magic List

FiraFire Fire
FiragaFire Fire Fire
FirajaFire Fire Fire Fire
BlizzaraBlizzard Blizzard
BlizzagaBlizzard Blizzard Blizzard
BlizzajaBlizzard Blizzard Blizzard Blizzard
ThundaraThunder Thunder
ThundagaThunder Thunder Thunder
ThundajaThunder Thunder Thunder Thunder
CuraCure Cure
CuragaCure Cure Cure
CurajaCure Cure Cure Cure
AraiseRaise Raise
ClearaClear Clear
ClearagaClear Clear Clear
ClearajaClear Clear Clear Clear
QuakeFire Raise
QuakgaFire Fire Raise Raise
GravityBlizzard Raise
GravigaBlizzard Blizzard Raise Raise
BioThunder Raise
BiogaThunder Thunder Raise Raise
HolyCure Raise
HolygaCure Cure Raise Raise
BarrierFire Clear
BarriergaFire Fire Clear Clear
SlowBlizzard Clear
SlowgaBlizzard Blizzard Clear Clear
HasteThunder Clear
HastegaThunder Thunder Clear Clear
MeteorFire Blizzard Thunder Raise
MeteogaFire Blizzard Thunder Cure Raise
UltimaFire Blizzard Thunder Cure Clear
UltimagaFire Blizzard Thunder Cure Raise Clear

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Anonymous said...

The spell became easier to cast, didn't they? I mean, in the past game, casting Gravity or Holy required a lot of patience and quick movements.

Thanks for the list! And please continue to make your wonderful FAQs, if I have anything note-worthy, I'll try to contribute!

Marcos-BRAZIL said...

thanks a lot for your site
its really helping me with the start of the game :D

Could you please say what each magic does?

Wyzzar said...

I don't know if this is worth, but when I read the sign post at Fire Mt. about a girl been lost there I don't recieve the Quest at the Quest Moogle.

Am I doing something wrong? Is it only for multiplayer mode?

Vanurk said...

wyzzar, it gives the quest "bring the cows home"

Anonymous said...

ive seen other magic guides and there has been one question that has bothered me and some others
ultimaga seems impossible to cast because yukes only have ring lock 4 and stack 5 at max
the only way i can see it happening is taht ur on multiplayer and u and a friend add the last 2 spells at the same time so the spell doesn't automaticallly fire

btw the whole guide is excellent
excellent work

JCook said...

pft i have a hard enough time casting Meteoga and Ultima let alone Ultimaga. spell rings always time out and trigger b 4 i finish them ..... are there any gems that increase how long the rings stay rings b 4 triggering? or are u able to assign fire, blizzard, thunder, etc. to specific buttons on ur wii remote/ds?

Anonymous said...

There are no gems that extend the length of time that your target rings stay locked. If you want to cast Meteoraga or Ultima, I find that the only way to do so is to induce massive lag =P

Go into you items and drop 1 gil about twenty times. All of the gold coins in the same place will make the game lag, which should give you enough time to lock the fifth target ring in place.

As for Ultimaga, there's no way to cast it except in multiplayer. I'd recommend picking a spot and have one person cast Fire, Thunder, and Blizzard while the other casts Cure, Raise, and Clear.

Krian said...

you've got the spelling wrong on
meteorga.i've casted it before and it said meteorga.hope this helps:)

Anonymous said...

actually its ultiga and it was SOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO AWSOME!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! My friends Lilith94 and Kevin and I did it!!!!!!!! Find them and ask them!!!!!