Jan 8, 2009

FFCC: Echoes of Time - Scroll / Spear

Bronze Lance Copper ×110Shop
Soldier's Pike Copper ×1
Tree Branch ×3
PartisanCopper ×3
Bone ×1
Iron Lance Iron ×1
Lizard Crest ×2
Titan Lance Iron ×2
Bone ×1
Lantern Lance Iron ×3
Dark Dust ×3
Oak Branch ×3
Dragoon Spear Iron ×3
Copper ×3
Treasured Pike Iron ×2
Little Thorn ×3
170Chest (N Quest: Treasure Hunt! 2)
Ice Lance Silver ×2
Blue Stone ×1
Flame Lance Silver ×2
Red Stone ×1
High End Black Silver ×1
Bone ×1
One-Eye Wing ×1
Old Man's Pike White Silver ×1
Mimic Talon ×1
240Chest (N Quest: Monster Collector 2)
Thunder Pike Gold ×2
Yellow Stone ×1
Mataza's Spear Steel ×3
Black Silver ×1
Adaman Tusk ×1
270Chest (N Ruins 2)
Rune Spear White Silver ×1
Silver ×3
Elemental Gem ×3
Guard's Pike White Silver ×3
Protective Shell ×1
Primeval Pike Black Silver ×3
Magic Vase Shard ×1
320Chest(N Forest)
Reaper's Pike Black Gold ×1
Sulfur Dust ×1
Stained Bone ×1
Sonic Lance Black Gold ×2
White Silver ×3
Mu Nose ×5
Holy Lance Adaman Tusk ×3
Platinum ×1
Grain of Light ×5
Sky Pike Platinum ×3
White Silver ×3
380Drops from Ahriman
(N Quest: Invisible Stalkers 2)
BrionacBlack Gold ×2
Veriaul Alloy ×3
380Chest (N Tower)
HarpoonCopper ×5
Little Thorn ×3
380Shop H
Hero's Pike Iron ×5
Yew Branch ×2
Bone ×2
420Shop H
HalberdWhite Silver ×5
Mu Nose ×3
490Shop H
Tyrant's Spear Black Silver ×5
Lizard Crest ×3
570Shop H
Tornado Pike Platinum ×5
Seraph Dust ×3
One-Eye Wing ×3
640Shop H
Mythril Pike Mythril ×2
Chimera Blood ×2
720Shop H
GembockMythril ×3
Platinum ×3
770Chest (H Aqueducts 2)
TonbogiriSteel ×5
Black Gold ×3
790Shop H
Camelot Lance Mythril ×5
Buffasaur Horn ×1
870Shop H
Weather Cock Lizard Crest ×3
Little Thorn ×5
Cockatrice Feather ×3
940Shop H
Dark Lance Orichalcum ×2
Black Gold ×3
1130Shop H
Cresta's Pike Orichalcum ×3
Red Orb ×3
Lizard Crest ×3
1130Chest (H Forest)
Purification Pike Orichalcum ×3
Holy Orb ×1
1320Shop H
Whale Tusk Abyssian ×3
Sahagin Fin ×3
Stained Fin ×3
1500Shop H
GungnirAdamantite ×1
Orichalcum ×3
1620Shop H
Gae Bolg Adamantite ×1
Abyssian ×3
Ebonite ×1
1800Chest (H Tower)
CanhurUltimite ×1
Mu Nose ×10
Albinore ×1
1800Chest (H Tower)
Lance of Longinue Abyssian ×3
Adamantite ×3
Dragon Horn ×2
1880Drops (H/VH final boss)
Crimson Oath Magician's Soul ×1
Red Stone ×10
Steel ×5
330Chest (N Quest: Monster Collector 3)
ObeliskOrichalcum ×3
Platinum ×5
Mu Nose ×1
1050Chest (H/VH Ruins 2)
Unicorn Horn Mu Nose ×15
Garuda Talon ×1
Behemoth Claw ×3
380Mimic (N River Belle)
TridentPlatinum ×5
Seraph Dust ×3
Mimic Talon ×1
640Chest (H Quest: Fragile 2)
Dragon Tusk Giant Lizard Hide ×1
Dragon Horn ×1
Old Sword ×1
1880Drops from Galdes (H)
Drops from River Belle boss (H)

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Anonymous said...

uh.. what's a galdes

Anonymous said...

I think it's the final ROF boss in the library. U get to battle the bosses after completing all library events and entering the portal after defeating the 4 dark magic guys.

Lum said...

Hey, just letting you know you can get Unicorn Horn from Giant Crab on Normal. Dropped for me yesterday.

Anonymous said...

Is the Gae Bolg or something like that useful? The description says that it splits into 30 barbs, so does it like act like an arrow or something? I'm getting ebonite to get it, but I want to know if it's worth it right now. Thanks!

Ignis said...

[This is only a hint, so you don't have to read it.]
Well, i think that dragon tusk really worths to drop/make, since it have the best attack of the whole game, and, not hammers nor swords can beat it. Bows, maybe, like robot hotwizer at level 30, because it hits more than 400 per bomb after all.