Jan 7, 2009

FFCC: Echoes of Time - Secrets & Unlockables

~New Game +
Beat the game once. After the ending of the game, this option will be unlocked
on the main screen.

~Hard Mode
Beat the game once.

~Very Hard Mode
Beat the game on Hard Mode.

~Secret Dungeon, River Belle
Beat the game once. After the ending of the game, return to the World Map
and locate it at the lower right.

~Fight the FFCC: Ring of Fates bosses
After all the Library events, return to there and kill all enemies in the
1st area. A warp point will appear and it leads to a secret room where you
can find the bosses in the Ring of Fates. Place the book onto the bookstand
to begin the battle one by one.

~Return to Final Stage
After the ending of the game, go to Gate and examine the "stuff".
Now back to World Map and the Final Stage will appear again.

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Anonymous said...

i can get to the final stage, well ive beaten the game and i dont want to go back through the tower and i tried doing what it says but i cant get to the stage.

Anonymous said...

the stage being the tower? if so you just talk to the staff and say 'show me the way' you always have to go through a stage to get to a boss (exception to quests lotsa bosses and more bosses)

Anonymous said...

The Gate and Tower dungeons both appear after telling the staff to get them back.
You have to enter the bridge from where the Gate is though.

But you can simply run across the bridge and get to the Tower if you return to the world map and move.

Anonymous said...

I don't know how it is on the Wii, but on the DS, you can reopen the final stage after clearing the final boss. When returning to the game, go to the Gate and the staff you used to open the bridge to the Tower will still be there. Talk to her and she'll ask if you want to return to the tower or have her do a trick. Ask for the tower and you can go back to it as often as you want. Useful in normal mode if you missed the scrolls for the six weapons you can get in the chests below the first elevator by activating the three white switches (you'll need to return multiple times to get them all), or if you missed the Paladin Armor above the second elevator. Also good in other difficuties for whatever these chests may drop. (Side Note: If you ask the staff to do a trick, it'll be her pretending to be nice.)

Anonymous said...

After beating the game's final boss, return to the Forest's lake where you first met Sherlotta and the Crystal Core to see the game's final cutscene and the end credits. You can only do this once per playthrough.

Kreg said...

Cast a spell on the cactus closest to the river in the desert and two scratch cards will pop up.

DaRkWoLf said...

Hey everyone, just felt i'd add my say here. I play on the wii version, my brother also a player on the ds. This talking to the staff and re-opening the final level DOES work and if you dont want to do the bridge, just leave to the world map and walk across it.

Anonymous said...

@Kreg: First off, that's way off topic. Second, it isn't always two. I've had it give me up to four at one time.

Anonymous said...

When I first began playing this game I swear it gave me more than two, but EVERY time I visit there now (i'm playin thru all the V-Hard stages solo-char, currently up to V-Hard 7) it only wants to puke up two.

On another note...
I own 216/226 scratchcards and yet im missing the important ones that unlock these items
Rosa Diamond
Azul Pearl
Verde Diamond
Diamond de Luz

...and to return to what you said before, the cactus is stuck giving me two scratchcards only, so just be glad that you get more...

T-Virus said...

anyone have a list of places where there are "hidden" items that can only be found by using magic? I have found a few in the library and fire mountain also on ice MT (i think) i'm trying to scan every area with magic to find more but i keep forgetting to scan=p sooo yeah, any help plz? (i'm playing on a DSi soo i dont know if its all that different from the wii) let me know here or myspace

Kiwee said...

I have a question, what are the blue square pads on the floor in various area's for. They always seem to have a wierd looking pot somewhere nearby, yet I can never pick up the pot, nor can I move it much at all. I've seen some slight references to them, but never a complete explanation. Thanks!

Anonymous said...


Krian said...

hey t-virus if your still watching if someone is gonna reply for your question its me ill give you some tips on were some of them is. one is in the tower where there is a treasure chest.what you have to do is cast magic and then move to the wall that you cant see then move it on top of the chest quickly release the magic when you see the thing that always apear if theres a hidden scatch card.try and try until youve got it.i wish its also useful for everyone.

P.S.:it was me that you added in your roster that was saying agent_Kx2 well maybe, and that thanks for giving me the jewels and the sherlotta hacks it was useful if it was you:>

Anonymous said...

Does any have wifi for ds game? I'm trying to get many friends that are willng to help and stuff. Thanks