Dec 1, 2010

Fallout: New Vegas - Magazine & Misc

Name WT Value Effect
Boxing Times 020Unarmed +20
Fixin' Things 020Repair +20
Future Weapons Today 020Energy Weapon +20
La Fantoma020Survival +20
Lad's Life 020Lockpick +20
Locksmith's Reader 020Speech +20
Meeting People 020Guns +20
Milsurp Review 020Explosive +20
Patriot's Cookbook 020Science +20
Programmer's Digest 020Barler +20
Salesman Weekly 020Melee Weapons +20
Tales of Chivalrie020Med. +20
Today's Physician 020Critical Chance +20
True Police Stories 020Sneak +20
NCR Emergency Radio 00Unique item, awarded by NCR:
Free Quest: Emergency Radio Waves.
Weapon Repair Kit 120Repairs Current Weapon

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