Dec 1, 2010

Fallout: New Vegas - Headgears

Name - The name of the eqiuipment.
DT - Damage Threshold. The amound of damage you can expect the equipment to block.
WT - Weight. How heavy of the equipment.
Val - Value. Selling price. (Original value)
HP - Health. The HP of the equipment when in full condition.
Quest - Whether the gear is a crucial part of a main or side quest.
Size - Size indicates how bulky the equipment is.
Effect - Extra effectiveness of the equipment.
PA - Power Armor. This shows whether the equipment requires the Power Armor Training perk to wear or not.


- HEADGEAR (Helmet) -

Authority Glasses 006100No0PER +2 No
1st Recon Beret 014050No0PER +1,
Crit. Chan. +5
Apocalypse Gladiator Helmet 537075No15NoneNo
Ballcap with Glasses 0130100No0PER +1 No
Boomers Cap 01815No11PER +1 No
Boomers Hat 01815No12Per +1 No
Boomers Helmet11815No11PER +1No
Bandana01610No11PER + No
Biker Goggles 01610No9NoneNo
Boone's Beret 00.14050Yes0NoneNo
Caleb McCaffery's Hat 000100Yes17NoneNo
Cattleman Cowboy Hat 01815No17PER +1 No
Centurion Helmet537050No0NoneNo
Combat Helmet3380050No12NoneNo
Combat Helmet, Reinforced43100050No0NoneNo
Combat Helmet, Reinforced
Mark 2
Constrcution Hat 235050No0NoneNo
Dapper Gambler Hat 01815No0PER +1 No
Desperado Cowboy Hat 01815No20PER +1 No
Destroyed Collar 0511Yes0None No
Destroyed Party Hat 01510No10None No
Enclave Officer Hat 01615No13Ener. Weap. +5 No
Explorer Hood 121550No0NoneNo
Eyeglasses008150No6PER +2 No
Fancy Gambler Hat 01815No0PER +1 No
Fiend Battle Helmet11615No20PER +1No
Fiend Helmet11615No0PER +1No
Fiend Warrior Helmet11615No21PER +1No
Fire Helmet2110100No0NoneNo
Gannon Family Tesla Helmet65120100No19CHR -1,
Rad. Res. +5
General Oliver's Cap 01815No12PER +1 No
Goggles Helmet235050No0NoneNo
Great Khan Spike Helmet21815No11NoneNo
Head Wrap 00010No16NoneNo
Hockey Mask 111015No11Unarmed +5 No
Jessup's Bandana 01610No0PER +1 No
Legate Helmet42250100No0NoneNo
MP Trooper Helmet235050No0NoneNo
Metal Helmet3320050No15NoneNo
Metal Helmet, Reinforced43280150No20NoneNo
Motor-Runner's Helmet21815Yes0Melee Weap. +5, PER +1No
Motorcycle Helmet21610No14NoneNo
Old Cowboy Hat 01815No16PER +1 No
Papa Khan Helmet000100No0NoneNo
Party Hat 01510No10NoneNo
Police Hat 018150No15NoneNo
Pre-War Baseball Cap 01815No12PER +1 No
Pre-War Bonnet 01815No26PER +1 No
Pre-War Hat 01815No14PER +1 No
Prime Decanus Helmet2311050No0NoneNo
Prime Helmet238050No0NoneNo
Raider Arclight Helmet132015No13NoneNo
Raider Blastmaster Helmet132015No20Guns +5,
Explos. +5
Raider Wastehound Helmet132015No21NoneNo
Ranger Battle Helmet356050No12NoneNo
Ranger Brown Hat 0130100No15NoneNo
Ranger Grey Hat 010100No17None 
Ranger Hat 000100No15NoneNo
Ranger Helmet400100No0NoneNo
Ranger Tan Hat 0130100No15NoneNo
Rattan Cowboy Hat 01815No16PER +1 No
Rowhide Cowboy Hat 01815No0PER +1 No
Reading Glasses 0012150No5PER +2 No
Rebreather305050Yes14Water Breathing No
Recon Armor Helmet234040No14NoneNo
Recruit Decanus Helmet239050No0NoneNo
Recruit helmet237050No0NoneNo
Remnants Power Helmet85280075No19CHR -1,
Rad Res. +5
Roving Helmet 01610No13Barter +5 No
Salvaged Power Helmet45120075No0NoneNo
Shady Hat014050No14Sneak +5, PER +1 No
Sheriff's Hat 013540No0PER +1 No
Slave Scarf01815No0PER +1No
Space Suit Helmet4020010No0NoneNo
Stormchaser Hat 01610No16PER +1 No
Stylish Gambler Hat 01815No0PER +1 No
Suave Gambler Hat 01815No0PER +1 No
Sunglasses008150No6PER +2 No
T-45d Power Helmet55130075No19Rad Res. +3Yes
T-51b Power Helmet042000100No19CHR +1,
Rad Res. +8
Timted Reading Glasses 0012150No5PER +2 No
Tortoiseshell Glasses 008150No6PER +2 No
Trooper Helmet235050No0NoneNo
Tuxedo Hat 01815No15PER +1 No
Vance's Lucky Hat 01815No0PER +1 No
Vault 34 Security Helmet333025No13NoneNo
Veteran Decanus Helmet3315050No0NoneNo
Veteran Helmet3310050No0NoneNo
Vexillarius Helmet1325030No0NoneNo
Vikki's Bonnet 01815No0PER +1 No
Welding Helmet232015No0NoneNo
Well-Healed Gambler Hat 01815No14PER + No
White Glove Society Mask 011015No0NoneNo

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