Dec 1, 2010

Fallout: New Vegas - PS3 Trophies

TrophyHow To Get Reward
New KidReach 10th level.Bronze
Ol' Buddy Ol' PalRecruit any companion.Bronze
CraftyCraft 20 items.Bronze
Mod MachineInstall 20 weapon mods.Bronze
Walker of the MojaveDiscover 50 locations.Bronze
You Run Barter TownSell 10,000 caps worthof goods.Bronze
Blast MasteryCause 10,000 damage withEnergy Weapons.Bronze
Love the BombCause 10,000 damage withExplosives.Bronze
Lead DealerCause 10,000 damage withGuns.Bronze
No Tumbler FumblerPick 25 locks.Bronze
Stim-ply AmazingHeal 10,000 points ofdamage with Stimpaks.Bronze
New Vegas SamuraiCause 10,000 damage withMelee Weapons.Bronze
Jury RiggerRepair 30 items.Bronze
Hack the MojaveHack 25 terminals.Bronze
Artful PocketerPick 50 pockets.Bronze
Outstanding OratorMake 50 Speechchallenges.Bronze
Deser SurvivalistHeal 10,000 points ofdamage with food.Bronze
Old-Tyme BrawlerCause 10,000 damage withUnarmed weapons.Bronze
Know When to Fold ThemWin 3 games of Caravan.Bronze
One Armed BanditPlay 10 spins of Slots.Bronze
Little WheelPlay 10 spins ofRoulette.Bronze
Double DownPlay 10 hands ofBlackjack.Bronze
Ain't That a Kick in the HeadCompleted Ain't That aKick in the Head.Bronze
All or NothingCompleted All or Nothing.Bronze
Veni, Vidi, ViciCompleted Veni, Vidi,Vici.Bronze
Eureka!Completed Eureka!Bronze
No Gods, No MastersCompleted No Gods, NoMasters.Bronze
Come Fly With MeCompleted Come Fly WithMe.Bronze
Talent PoolCompleted Talent Pool.Bronze
Return to SenderCompleted Return toSender.Bronze
Arizona KillerCompleted Arizona Killer.Bronze
You'll Know It When It HappensCompleted You'll Know ItWhen It Happens.Bronze
G.I. BluesCompleted G.I. Blues.Bronze
That Lucky Old SunCompleted That Lucky OldSun.Bronze
Volare!Completed Volare!Bronze
The Legend of the Star.Completed The Legend ofthe Star.Bronze
Up and ComerReach 20th level.Silver
The BossReach 30th level.Silver
The Whole Gang's hereRecruit all companions.Silver
Master of the MojaveDiscover 125 locations.Silver
Globe TrotterDiscover all snow globes.Silver
Caravan MasterWin 30 games of Caravan.Silver
The Courier Who Broke the BankGet banned from all theStrip's casinos.Silver
They Went That-a WayCompleted They WentThat-a Way.Silver
The House Always WinsCompleted The HouseAlways Wins.Silver
For the RepublicCompleted For theRepublic.Silver
Render Unto CaeserCompleted Render UntoCaeser.Silver
Wild CardCompleted Wild Card.Silver
HardcorePlay the game from startto finish
in Hardcore Mode.
Platinum TrophyCollect all other 50TrophiesPlatinum

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