Jan 11, 2011

Devil May Cry 4 Refrain for iPhone!

Capcom's summoning one of their biggest demons to the App Store, the Devil May Cry 4 Refrain!

This 3D action game will follow the same plot as the console game, with players controlling Nero instead of series regular Dante. Nero has guns, a big sword, and a demon hand that can be used for grab attacks. You can choose whether you want the guns and sword to be combined into one attack button, or two.

Nero has 10 levels to explore, which are laid out in a maze-like series of rooms. A map in the corner lets you know which way to go, and at the end of one stage we encountered a huge hellhound serving as the main boss.

Like in the console games, Nero will absorb red orbs from the enemies he kills, allowing you to upgrade and unlock new attacks. The goal with these new attacks, the developer told us, is to maintain the "cool feeling" of linking combos even with a simplified control scheme.

Click this preview gameplay:

The game will be released later in January 2011 with the price at $6.99.
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