Jan 4, 2011

Monster Hunter series might gonna move platform

“The 3DS is releasing, too, so I think the right time to switch [Monster Hunter] to new hardware is coming as well,” Tsujimoto told Gemaga, in their recent December 27th issue, when asked about his hopes for 2011. He goes on to say that new hardware in general will make 2011 an exciting year for business."
- Monster Hunter series producer, Ryozo Tsujimoto

Tsujimoto’s comment shouldn’t come as a surprise. While Monster Hunter is typically at home on the PSP in Japan, Capcom have spent a considerable amount of time and resources on expanding the series’ audience this past year. It’s only natural to want to expand to new hardware as it becomes available.

We wouldn’t recommend interpreting this as a 3DS confirmation just yet, however. Clearly, Capcom are thinking about moving the series to newer platforms, but Tsujimoto’s quote doesn’t outright confirm what system(s). We expect to see Monster Hunter games across a range of platforms as Capcom continue to market the brand to different audiences in Japan.

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