Feb 12, 2011

Devil May Cry 4 refrain - Walkthrough (Dante)


Face off against the mysterious assassin!

A tutorial stage. Follow the instruction will do.



Head for Fortuna Castle!

Since Dante has the key for locked doors, so proceed to the North door.
Area 3 splits to three paths, for now you need to go North further more,
so kill all enemies to unseal the door at North. Get pass one more area to
the boss battle.

BOSS: Berial
Basically it's same like the fight with Nero, you can try like the way you
fought by using Nero. Always hit Berial from the right since there can dodge
his sword attack easier. Instead of using Buster with Nero, Dante can deal
better combo attack after you stun Berial.



Take a journey through a winter wonderland!

Get pass two empty area at the beginning, and you will see the path splits
out. If you want more fights then take the East path, or else take the North
path, they are both lead to the same place.

Make your way to the North-East area, defeat some White Knights in the last
area to end this.



Search Fortuna Castle!

We will use the shortcut path for Dante as he has the Key of the Order. So go
East in the first area, and go North, then East accordingly. Next area, go up
the stairs and you should be able to open that locked door.

Head to East, pass an area to reach a room with a blue seal. Likewise, hit
the blue switch and memorize the lights appear on the orbs. When it's stopped,
cut the orb according to how was the lights gone.

Go North some more and head down the stairs in the last area for a boss fight.

BOSS: Bael
Be smart using the Evade move avoid the ice fall and jump crush attack from
above. After each of his move, you will have a chance to strike back. For the
fight with two Rusalka, try to hit one of them and avoid being surrounding.
When the boss return after Rusalka, be sure you avoid staying in front of
him because he will bite Dante by jumping toward him which deals a big damage,
however after dodging his move, you can have a chance to strike back as well.



Release the true power that reside within

This map is exactly same like Nero playthrough, the only places that force
you to fight are the area before game room and the Galdius hall, so beat them
to proceed. Go until the last area and head South to end this.



Proceed through the Forest of Ruin!

Another straigthforward route, make sure do not fall from the platform bridge
in area 4 to area 5, otherwise you will have to fight a lot of enemies.

The only place has red seal is area 8, but the fight is easy. After that, run
pass another area to enter the boss battle.

BOSS: Echidna
Switch to Royal Guard and go hit Echidna until she going to attack, press the
Special button to block her hits and counter attack. Keep on doing this until
she is stun and switch your style to Sword Master, with the combination of
sword and special attacks, you can get a lot of style points and dealing
powerful combo. When Echidna hides into forest, keep shooting to locate her
or stay close with the red seal to avoid ramming hit. Once she back in fight,
switch to Royal Guard and do the same thing again.



Embrace the light to escape the forest!

Nothing special here except some Red Orbs from the chimera eggs. Area 4 and
area 7 will face a fight in the red seal, after that you will come to the
four ways area and a pedestal in the middle. Just take the path opposite of
the shadow pointing direction, get the correct path three times will do.
Go pass one more area and will reach to the boss.

BOSS: Credo
You must dodge Credo's combo attack before you can hit him. Use Sword Master
style so you can easily dash toward him and make some attack, if you miss a
combo, be ready to evade the possible combo attack from Credo. Attack again
after his combo, repeat this to take down Credo.



Locate the captive Kyrie!

Go East, then North to the area 3, take the West door. Fight the enemies to
break the red seal. When you run up the stairs, you might spot a Blue Orb in
the mid-air, you need Air Hike skill to get it (100,000 Proud Souls).

Get pass another room to North, you need to fight more White Knights to unseal
the area, destory the bench might get you the Green Orb. Proceed to East after
two rooms battling with the White Knights will come to the boss.

BOSS: Agnus
I recommend use the Royal Guard and go fight with Agnus closely. Needless to
say, guard when Agnus going to slash you with his sword, it might takes down
a little bit of your HP, but the counter attack does a good reaction to Agnus
and giving you more style points. By doing so, Agnus would be stun is a short
while, switch to Sword Master to make more combo. Lucifer skill helps to end
this fast if you have it. Personally, I knocked him down to the ground with
Lucifer skill in my combo, and he even no chance to perform his HP absorb



End the ambitions of His Holiness!

Get through the rooms until the route splits to East and West, the East room
has nothing expect a fight with lot of White Knights, so go the West side.
Make your way to the North and then turn to East in the room with three ways.

BOSS: Nero
If you have Lucifer, set it up before Nero gets closer. Use Royal Guard to
block Nero's attack, and he will be stun for a second if he touched the
Lucifer swords, now you can make a combo to him. In case you didn't get
the Lucifer, then you need to lure Nero around and hit him when he's close
or he stops his attack, leaving you some chances to damage him.



Confront the Savior!

BOSS: Savior
Same like the fight by using Nero, you have to break all the crystals on
the Savior's body. Each hand got two and one at his back where you can reach
after Savior is fall.

BOSS: Sanctus Diabolica
It's much easier than Nero since Dante's Sword Master can break Sanctus' bubble
easily. Just jump and use Aerial Style Technique continuously by pressing the
Special button, you can simply break it with just one jump. Attack him with the
best combo when he's fall. I would still prefer Lucifer in this fight because
it adds many additional damage in the sword combo attack, you may consider to
put it into your skill list as well. Late in the fight, as Sanctus will charge
and dash on Dante, so setup some Lucifer swords face to Sanctus and he will
stupidly dash on the swords. After two dash attack, dash toward Sanctus or
use High Time follow with your combo attack. Repeat few times to finish off
this boss.


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