Feb 11, 2011

Devil May Cry 4 refrain - Walkthrough (Nero)


Face off against the mysterious assassin!

A tutorial stage. Follow the instruction will do.



Head for Fortuna Castle!

This place give you some training with what you've learned in the previous
mission. Your destination is North, make your way to reach it. Since some
additional of this mission doors are locked, so you have only one way to go.
Destroy the crates around will get your some Red Orbs.

Note: The locked path is actually for Dante's game.

When you reach to a blue Continuum Pad, the camera view will face to a
Grim Grip, now use Devil Bringer on the Grim Grip by pressing the Special
button, and you will reach to the opposite side. Proceed until the last area
and get ready for the boss.

Note: You might wondering what is the circle thing in the room just before
the boss fight. It is a flight board, you can only use it when you obtain
the Wing Talisman (unlock by beating the game with Rank A)

BOSS: Berial
Always keep your position on the left hand of the boss, that's mean the hand
that he holds the sword because it's easier to evade his attack. The flaming
part at his back is weaker, you can use Devil Bringer from his back to pull
yourself to the flaming part and attack it. You can knock the boss down by
dealing great damage continuously giving you better chance to attack. Attack
the boss with Devil Bringer if you successfully know him down for special move.



Take a journey through a winter wonderland!

Get pass two empty area at the beginning, area 3 head to North, some enemies
will spawn start from area 3 onward.

Area 4, you will notice a flight board, but it's not usable before you get
the Wing Talisman. Please take note that it leads you to obtain a Blue Orb.

More enemies will spawn in area 5, you can skip them if you want. The only
place you have to fight is area 7, where splits the path to North and South,
just defeat all enemies to unseal the area. The South path is actually a
second route from the early location, you can only come from there with
Wing Talisman. So now take the North door.

In the final area, defeat some White Kights after the scene to end this.



Search Fortuna Castle!

~Room 1, Destroy the benches around for some Red Orbs. You can explore the
East area if you like, but here I will guide you to the West path where is
closer to the destination. So take the West door.

~Room 2, take the North door.

~Room 3, take the West.

~Room 4, this room is where you can find a door sealing by laser, you cannot
unseal it for now. So ignore it and take the door at upstairs which leads back
to the previous room.

~Room 3 2F, take the South door.

~Room 2 2F, take the East door.

~Room 1 2F, the red seal will lock the room until your kill all enemies.
Proceed to the East room when you are done.

Now at the East side you have only one way to go. Proceed until you reach to
the room with blue seal. Hit the blue switch at the corner and the light will
appear randomly on the three orbs. What you need to do is, memorize the light
positions, when the light has stopped, you have to hit the orb according as
how was the light moved in order to break the blue seal.

Head to North area, in the last room you are able to go downstairs and
there's a door leads to the boss.

BOSS: Bael
Rolling can dodge most of his move (double tap a direction on the joystick and
press Jump button to roll). Normally Bael will attack by ice shards that come
out from his back and hit you from above, another move is jump and crush on
you. To avoid this move, roll away at the timing about 2 second from his jump.
Lately, the Rusalka will replace Bael for a short while, just hit them with
your sword will do. After Rusalka gone, Bael will be back, and now run to left
or right depends on how Bael facing Nero's position, because Bael will lunges
forward attempt to swallow Nero, be sure do not run backward. As Bael's HP
getting lower, he will use lunging bite more often, as long as his jump doesn't
crush on you, that means his bite is coming. After any attacks from the boss,
you will have a lot of attack space, so hold the chance with your attacks.
Don't forget the special move as you stunned his by dealing combo damage in
the short time.



Release the true power that reside within

Simply follow the path, next area jump down and kill all enemies to proceed.

Next area is a game room and a Dante statue is on the colourful circlea map.
You can also find a dice here. Hit the dice and the statue will move according
to the number you got on the dice. Just hit the dice until the statue reaches
to the seal. If the statue stops at the red circle, some enemies will spawn and
you have to kill all of them before moving the statue again.

Note: There's a way to get the number you want. Get close to the dice and you
will notice the numbers keep turning 1, 4, 2, 6, 3, 5. So just simply hit the
desired number, the dice will show what you hit.

Afterwards, an event will trigger in the next room, you have to fight some
flying swords, Gladius. When the Gladius is going to attack you, it will stop
and the colour will turn gold, which is very easy to be spot. After defeating
the swords, proceed to the North-East area. Some White Knights will appear to
block your way, but these fights are not necessory.

After the White Knights part is an empty room with a blue seal locking at the
following door, simply hit the blue switch on the wall to unseal the door to
the last room at East. Head to South and open the new door to end this.



Proceed through the Forest of Ruin!

At the beginning is quite straightforward. Until you reach to the 4th area
you have to hit the blue switch at the side to form a platforms bridge to the
next area. Run over the platforms before it disappear. Next area, the bridge
will lead you to the other side, take the door over there to the next area.

Now move South, and then East, get rid the red seal area by defeating all
enemies. Eventually you come to an empty area with only chimera eggs, hit them
for some Red Orbs. Now prepare for the boss fight in the next area.

BOSS: Echidna
Attack the boss with a chain of hits and she will probably counter with her
melee attack that hits the small area in front of her. After Echidna stops
her hits, get closer and give a combo hit to her again. Lately, when Echidna
charge into the forest, keep on shooting so Nero can detect her position so
you can spot her easier, or just stay close to the red seal because there is
out of Echidna's ramming range.



Embrace the light to escape the forest!

Start running through the only path, some enenmies can be skipped expect
area 3 and area 7.

The area 8 splits to four paths, what you need to do is, check the shadow
on the ground, and take the path where is opposite of the shadow direction.
That's mean you have to follow where the light from. Take the wrong path will
get you into a fight. Take the correct path three times to pass this area.

Get pass two more area and you will enter to the boss battle.

BOSS: Credo
Try not let the boss force you into the edge of the ring. You should only
attack after dodging his move, each of your hits could knock him back.
In case you miss a combo, be ready for his attack move again as he could
block and counter back.



Locate the captive Kyrie!

You begin at the previous boss fight area. Now head East, North, and then
in the room 3, take the East door upstairs.

In room 4, you should activate the Grim Grip by hitting the blue switch on
the wall. Snatch the Grim Grips to reach the door at upper area. Room 5, run
up and take the door upstairs.

Room 6, move forward and hit the blue switch at the end. Likewise, snatch
the Grim Grip to reach opposite area. There are three Grim Grips here and the
middle one will disappear, if you miss it, quickly snatch the previous
Grim Grip to avoid falling to the bottom.

Room 7 have to face the White Knights. Break the red seal by defeating all
White Knights, then take the last room (East) to the boss fight.

BOSS: Agnus
Agnus attack is easy to dodge, as long as you don't stay in front of him.
The difficulty is actually the unlimited Galdiuses, you should pay attention
around check whether any of them is going to attack you. Killing the Gladius
is not necessory, but sometimes they can drop some Green Orbs. Late in the
fight, Agnus will have an extra move which is dash toward Nero and then catch
and absorb Nero's HP. It's easy to dodge his move since he just is moving
straight, and you will have a great chance make a combo hit after that.
Be sure you give Agnus a Buster when he's stunned.



End the ambitions of His Holiness!

At the beginning is quite simple. Until the room 4, there is a room at the
East (right) side, you will be seal and fight a group of White Knights which
is annoying. But it's optional, you can just straight to the West door from
room 4 if you didn't like the fight.

Room 5 is the green light room. Run up the stairs to proceed.

Room 6 is a little puzzle room with Red, Blue, and White Wall, and here's the
steps to solve it. Hit the Red Wall button, go forward and hit the Blue Wall
button on the left side to open the Blue Wall so you can move to the left.
Now find the White Wall button at the back of the left side, it should be the
South-East corner on the map. After hit that White wall button you would be
sealing in that area, and you will able to hit another Red Wall button, hit
it to open the final path to the door where the green light from (North-East).

Room 7 and 8 will encounter some White Knights, but they are optional. After
passing through these two room, another fight is await.

BOSS: Dante
The easy way is, attack when Dante is running toward you, Nero always have a
change to hit before Dante does. Hit him with the combination and special
attack can deal a great damage in once. Do not chase Dante too close espcially
right after he wake up because Dante will do a great counter attack during
that moment, so just give him a little space will do.



Confront the Savior!

Lock-On (Gun Skill) and Snatch (Special Skill) are useful in this mission.

BOSS: Savior
Just hit with your gun until a scene showing the boss is fall. Now run up from
his hand and destroy every blue crystal that you see. There are two crystal on
of his hand, and more at his back, where you can reach through his hand. To
dodge any attack from his hands, just move back to the edge of the platform,
because his hand cannot reach it. For blue fireballs attack, the best way to
go is Evade (double tap a direction and Jump button) when the fireballs are
close to Nero. White Knights actually can be ignore, they will be kill by
Savior as his hand hit on the White Knight.

You will enter to another fight as soon as you destroy all Savior's crystals.

BOSS: Sanctus Diabolica
Snatch the Sanctus bubble to get closer and hit it until you drop, then snatch
it and hit it again, you must break the bubble before you can damage Sanctus.
If you like to play safe, don't be too aggressive before the bubble is break.
Pay attention to Sanctus's weapon, once he raises it, some lightning bolts are
coming from above, you may run away until the bolts are stop. Another possible
move is throwing a low flame strike through the ground. Usually you will see
this move when you're in a distance with Sanctus, jump and snatch birngs you
a good chance to hit his bubble.

Once you break Sanctus' bubble, cut him few times and that will knock him to
the ground, allowing you to deal more damage, make sure you give him a Buster
before he re-shield himself. As his HP gets lower, you will face his ramming
move after you break the bubble. Personally, I always wait him at the corner
since you can't damage him until he does the second ramming. The reason of
staying in the corner is because when after evading his ramming move, Sanctus
will fall into the corner, and this allows you to make a good combo again.
Keep in mind always perform a Buster when Sanctus is stun because it deals
a great damage.


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