Mar 28, 2011

Nintendo 3DS - the Black Screen of Death!

It has been spread widely on the internet over now well known issue calling "Black Screen of Death". The error occur anytime on the 3DS while playing, the screen will turn blank and the system is freezing, nothing can do if this happens other then turning off the 3DS.

Majority 3DS having this Black Screen of Death are sold from Europe (any report from US yet?), however no (or maybe few?) report regarding Japanese 3DS face the BSoD error. Possible they had the latest firmware updated or it is a result of region locking issue causes this happening in Europe 3DS.

Well, I believe Nintendo will solve and response this issue soon, because Nintendo cares it. Meanwhile, whoever had the BSoD 3DS can send back to Nintendo for repair. Check out the Nintendo troubleshooting, click the "General System Issues" -> "System Freezes on a Blank White Screen" of the left side.


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