Feb 12, 2011

Devil May Cry 4 refrain - Bloody Palace

The Bloody Palace is a 51 stages arena, and each 10 stages will fall into
a boss fight and the last stage will find your Doppelganger (Nero/Dante).
You have to stay alive and defeat the enemies within time limit to proceed.
The time limit will extend when you defeat an enemy. Clear the Bloody Palace
will gives you a lot of Proud Souls and your score will go to the Game Center


Bloody Palace enemies (both Nero and Dante game)

Stage 01: Scarecrow
Stage 02: Scarecrow, Assault
Stage 03: White Knight
Stage 04: Scarecrow
Stage 05: Scarecrow, Assault
Stage 06: Gladius
Stage 07: Gladius, White Knight
Stage 08: Chimera Seed
Stage 09: Chimera Seed, Scarecrow
Stage 10: Berial

Stage 11: Gladius, White Knight
Stage 12: Gladius, Chimera
Stage 13: Chimera, White Knight
Stage 14: Gladius, White Knight
Stage 15: Gladius
Stage 16: Gladius, Chimera
Stage 17: Gladius, White Knight
Stage 18: Gladius, Scarecrow
Stage 19: Gladius, Chimera Seed
Stage 20: Bael

Stage 21: Chimera Seed
Stage 22: Chimera Seed, Chimera, Scarecrow
Stage 23: Chimera Seed, Gladius
Stage 24: Chimera Seed, White Knight
Stage 25: Chimera Seed, Chimera, Assault
Stage 26: Chimera Seed, Chimera
Stage 27: Chimera, White Knight
Stage 28: Chimera Seed, Chimera
Stage 29: Chimera Seed, Chimera
Stage 30: Echidna

Stage 31: White Knight
Stage 32: White Knight, Gladius
Stage 33: White Knight
Stage 34: White Knight, Chimera
Stage 35: White Knight
Stage 36: White Knight, Gladius
Stage 37: Gladius
Stage 38: Gladius, Chimera
Stage 39: Gladius, White Knight
Stage 40: Credo

Stage 41: Chimera, Chimera Seed
Stage 42: Chimera, White Knight
Stage 43: Chimera Seed, Gladius
Stage 44: White Knight, Gladius
Stage 45: Chimera
Stage 46: Chimera, Chimera Seed
Stage 47: Chimera, White Knight
Stage 48: Chimera
Stage 49: White Knight
Stage 50: Agnus
Stage 51: Nero/Dante (depends on the character you use)

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Anonymous said...

can you get some tips on how too kill dante's copy? i got there and DIED he has double damage than me and same skills..

Anonymous said...

can you please give some tips on how to kill dante's copy?

Anonymous said...

to kill Dante's doppelganger you can just spamm gunslinger skill on the ground untill he fights back and then hit him with a sword a couple of time and spamm gunslinger special bottun again