Apr 18, 2011

More female clothes get ripped soon

Today's topic is about clothes ripping / clothes torn / clothing damage or whatever system it call on the female characters. About 10 years ago, female character design has become one of the "selling point" of a video games (of cause not all games), character designers tried hard to perfect female body, big boobs, big ass, and later jiggling boobs all around the games especially on action and fighting games. Last time someone from Gamespot forum mentioned most female characters are much like a hooker "One of the ways that hook your money".

Left = Aya from The 3rd Birthday, right = Nina from Death by Degree

Nina from Death by Degree doesn't consider have the clothes damage system, because her clothes ripped after some fighting scenes that trigger when you proceed to certain area, but the idea is already there.

Previously Square Enix's The 3rd Birthday is a best known game that has this clothes ripping system. After Aya (the character you control) get certain amount of damage during the battle her costume can get ripped until few little clothes left on her body.

See all her costumes before and after ripped

Beside this, many games like Queen's Blades, Ikki Tousen for PSP have it as well, and seems this system liked by many players from Asian (not sure how about Western gamers because I didn't get much feedback from my research, leave me your opinion would be great)

One of a popular fighting games, The King of Fighters has the "minor" clothes ripping in the KoF' 95 when you beat Yuri or King with a special move (Art of Fighting has it too?). This idea has been removed since KoF' 96 all the way to the King of Fighters XIII released in 2010, the female's "clothes ripping" comes back.

Here's the video of Iori super combo'd on King and the last hit did exactly like tearing her clothes off.

Alright, it wasn't a big deal actually, but I think people will curious in the future made of clothes ripping, and it's just in my view of the market's "requirement" in this and even next generation gaming, whether clothes ripping "system" or not, this kind of scenes are going to be common and normal. Lets just wait and see how games creators fulfill players desire.



Babyface Assassin said...

"clothes ripping" system really not necessary but fun! I'd like fighting games have it eg KOF

Anonymous said...

the new Mortal Kombat 9 has included clothing damage feature but only happening on Sonya's clothes, boring

sephirosuy said...

Is it? didn't pay much attention to Mortal Kombat

B-AX said...

Kabod online is MMORPG and your armor can be ripped or destroy like 3rd Birthday, even reveal your female character boobs. I did not play that game, i just read their website write this

Anonymous said...

Fatality Kitana with Shang Tsung after I torn her clothes, she is almost naked

This is Mileena with Kitana close angle