Apr 25, 2011

Nintendo confirms new console on sale in 2012

Nintendo Japan confirmed the upcoming release of the Wii's successor, the console will be revealed at this year's E3 gaming expo in Los Angeles in June, and it will be in the market in year 2012. Check out this official statement from Nintendo that posted today (25 Apr, 2011).

The Wii successor is also suspected of using a novel controller interface which marries a traditional d-pad-and-buttons scheme with a large touch-screen input. Kotaku also reported that while the new console will feature a new controller, it will also support Wii Remote-style controllers.

More details reported at Kotaku.com

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Web Identity said...

Huh, so they'll really have it in playble form now? That's pretty cool to be that far along, makes you wish it was available this year though.