Jun 26, 2011

Resident Evil 3D - Medal Listing

NameHow to Unlock
Newcomer Mission Level 1, clear all missions.
BeginnerMission Level 2, clear all missions.
RookieMission Level 3, clear all missions.
VeteranMission Level 4, clear all missions.
CaptainMission Level 5, clear all missions.
HeroMission Level EX, clear all missions.
S.T.A.R.S.Clear all missions with A Rank or better.
Original Eleven Clear all missions with SS Rank.
Good CombinationComplete a mission with a partner.
Perfect Alliance Clear any mission with SS Rank with a partner.
Me, I Prefer Guns Kill all enemies by gunshot on any mission on or above Mission Level 4.
Can't Touch This Clear a mission on or above Mission Level 4 without taking any damage.
Super Combo Clear a mission on or above Mission Level 4 with a combo amount above.
Ultra Combo Clear a mission on or above Mission Level 4 with a combo amount above.
Iron Fist Clear a mission by defeating all enemies with a combo.
How To Kill Clear 10 waves in Survival Mission.
Mr. Death Clear 15 waves in Survival Mission.
Skill Captor Obtain 15 skills.
Skill Master Max out all skills to their limit (except Infinity 7).
One (Thousand) Down... Kill 1000 enemies.
Platoon of Two Perform 5 Melee attacks in a row during one turn.
(Duo only)
Meat Shower Kill 3 enemies with 1 hand grenade.
Highly Decorated MedalUnlock all other medals.
Like a Phoenix Recover from Dying status 50 times in Solo.
No Fear Perform 30 taunts near an enemy.
Counter Shoot Shoot down 20 enemy projectiles.
Now That's Dedication! Play the game for 14 days straight.
Dead Rising Kill 53594 enemies.
Master of Unlocking Unlock all characters.
Dressed to Kill Unlock all costumes.
Chicken Hunter Portable Destroy your first chicken.
Let's Work Together Play Duo Mode for the first time.
Jack of All Trades Play with all characters.
Leave No Stone Unturned Play every map more than once.
Me, I Prefer Fists Crush your enemy with a hand-tohand combat blow after shooting them.
Bright Future Defeat a parasite with a flash grenade.
Boom!Land 100 headshots.
PerfectionClear a mission without ever missing a shot.
(100% accuracy rate).
The Old Banana Trick Cause a running enemy to fall over by shooting
Saw What You Did There Set off a Proximity Bomb by shooting it.
Opening a Dojo See all of the hand-to-hand combat moves for any one character.
The Wesker Special Drop an enemy into magma.
Party Pooper Blow an enemy up by shooting the dynamite.
Strike from Behind Attack an Executioner Majini Black, Red, and Garrador (claw) in their weak point in the back.
A Friend in Need Save your dying partner for the first time in Duo Mode.
In the Buff Clear a mission with rank A or better on or above Mission Level 4 without using any skills.
Only One Clear a mission on or above Mission Level 4 using only one of the weapons in your arsenal.
No Turning Back Clear a mission without using the Quick Turn even once.
No Guts, No Glory Continue 30 times.
Social Butterfly Play Duo Mode 50 times.

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Anonymous said...

The one after the old banana trick is see what you did there you have to set off a proximity mine by shooting it

sephirosuy said...

lol thanks for the tips, I got it now

Anonymous said...

i dont get how to get iron first

3DS King said...

Iron Fist = clear mission without breaking down your combo

Anonymous said...

How do you get platoon of two? explain please.