Jun 26, 2011

Resident Evil 3D - In-game Mini Tips

Dealing with Parasite
Throw a Flash Grenade can kill a parasite pop up from the enemy's head. Any hits with electric shot (Thunderbolt skill or Claire's G. Launcher) does large damage to the parasite.

To prevent parasite grow out from enemy, you can kill an enemy with instant kill attack, below listed all available instant kill moves.
- Chris - Neckbreaker (leg shot, from behind)
- Jill - Head Grab (leg shot, from behind)
- HUNK - The End (leg Shot, in front)
- HUNK - Executioner (leg shot, in front)
- Krauser - Throat Slit (leg shot, from behind)
- Krauser - Stinger (leg shot, in front)

Dealing with Duvalia
Duvalia (one of the two Parasite, the one with shell), when you run out of Flash Grenade, it is hard to be killed by gunshot. Their weak part is inside its mouth, protected by the shell. You should shoot their back or leg until their mouth opens, and shoot at their weak point for great damage.

Mini boss explosion
Always remember all bosses except Garrador (claw) will explode when killed, even some normal majinis as well.

Instant reload near explosion
When you reload near any explosion (example the explosion from mini bosses), your character will get into "self cover" animation instead of reloading, meawhile, your weapon has been reloaded.

Voice commands
How do you do a voice command? Hold X button (taunt) and press any direction on the D-pad to input a command. Here's the list:
X + Up = Go
X + Down = Wait
X + Left = Thanks
X + Right = Come one

Wesker special move
Press "Right" on the D-pad to perform a dash, press "Y" during the dash for a knee attack.

SS rank for Level 2 & Level 3 Solo missions
Your rank is based on the final score, and the remaining time of the mission affects the final score, so you have to keep your time as high as possible. The best way is kill the enemies with melee attack, every time an enemy killed by melee attack will add 5 second to the timer. I recommend set the skills that enhance your melee attack so you can kill the enemy with a single hit.

Do not take double Combo Bonus
When your partner pick up a Combo Bonus, the "Combo Time" will display on the top right corner, now do not pick up another Combo Bonus again.

Shoot the Chicken
The chicken probably drops you a herb and adds a combo count, so it's consider 1 of the 150 enemies in certain missions.

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