Jun 26, 2011

Resident Evil 3D - Character & Alternate Costumes

Resident Evil: The Mercenaries 3D how to unlock characters and alternate costume. Click the thumb picture to enlarge.

Unlockable Characters

CharacterHow to unlock
Chris RedfieldDefault
Jill ValentineDefault
Rebecca ChambersClear Mission 2-3 with a B Rank
Claire RedfieldClear Mission 1-3 with a B Rank
Burry BurtonClear Mission 4-5 with a B Rank
Jack KrauserClear Mission 3-5 with a B Rank
Albert WeskerClear Mission 5-5 with a B rank

Alternate Costumes

Chris Redfield
Pilot Suit
Condition: Mission Level 1-3 get an SS Rank, or get 10 Medals

Jill Valentine
Casual (Resident Evil 3 costume)
Condition: Get an S Rank on Mission Level 3-5

Rebecca Chambers
Condition: Get an S Rank for all Missions (except Level Ex)

Claire Redfield
Condition: Obtain 25 Medals

Mr. Death / Reaper
Condition: Get an A Rank for all Missions (except Level Ex)

Barry Burton
Condition: Obtain 20 Medals

Jack Krauser
Exo-Skeleton Suit
Condition: Get S Rank on Mission Level 5-5

Albert Wesker
Condition: Get a B Rank or above for all Mission (including EX)

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Berserker said...

Thanks for the listings, Seph!

Claire was already unlocked on my Mercs 3D copy - I got one from a friend that had already played it some. Good to see how to unlock her now. xD

sephirosuy said...

Hi Berserker,

My FC is 3737-9550-9315, if you don't mind to play with me :)

Still long way to master this game :p

Berserker said...

Oh, that's one thing I haven't mentioned yet... I don't have a wireless router at the moment, so I can't get online with a 3DS easily.

I think I might be getting one within the next month though. I'll keep you posted and add you if I do. ;)

sephirosuy said...

Alright, just let me know if you available :)

Kite said...


Do you have to just get A rank for Hunk and S rank for Rebecca or can you go above that? o-o Cause getting JUST A rank and JUST S rank will be rather difficult...


sephirosuy said...

Play in Duo mode would be much easier to get higher ranking. In Solo mode is difficult, but it's still possible :)

To clarify my post, you can use any character in any mode, as long as the mission has a A or S there.

adrial said...

my fc is 0302 1203 1027 i play mk7 and this and i play as jill chris hunk and wesker

Anonymous said...

On mission 5-5 pretty difficult any tips?

Anonymous said...

Just need Rebecca’s outfit and Wesker’s outfit got the game yesterday

Anonymous said...

hey seph i love this game and have all costumes (exept rebecca's) and id love to play my friend code is......0275-7256-5997!

zhangchunmei said...

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