Aug 23, 2011

Heroes of Ruins new building - Coral Tombs

A brand-new build of Heroes will be appearing at this Penny Arcade Expo - PAX Prime 2011.

This is the beautiful yet haunting Coral Tombs! Originally an ancient graveyard, the tombs (and some of the surrounding area) were subsequently claimed by the sea. As such the now exposed areas are a mix of coral shoals, wrecked ships, hidden buildings, flotsam and jetsam which has washed in with the invading waves. The tombs hold rich rewards as well as the odd buried secret for those who venture in, but for those that don't know the dangers, a nasty fate likely awaits at the hands of fish beast, shark men and the giant crabs which populate the various levels. Not to mention some spookier and truly colossal beasties.

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