Oct 11, 2011

Heroes of Ruin is planned for release in Spring 2012!

HoR's Coral Tombs concept art (click to enlarge):

When Square Enix revealed Heroes of Ruin, their first title with portable powerhouse nSpace, the game was on track for release in "early 2012." Square Enix plans on bringing the Nintendo 3DS dungeon crawler to New York Comic-Con. According to the same press release, the "early 2012" release shifted slightly to "spring 2012." Source from Siliconera

An action RPG that support online multiplayer, this is what I hungry-ed for my 3DS so long. Besides Diablo III, Heroes of the Ruin will be the game I could play for 2012, unless... the game sucks lol

There's a little chat room for 3DS that I used during RE: The Mercenaries 3D season, I think 3DS players can use it again for live chat in other multiplayer gaming like Heroes of Ruin.

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