Nov 17, 2011

Super Mario 3D Land - Secrets & Unlockable Bonuses

Obtain Stars on your Lives

STAR 1 - Defeat bowser in world 8's final level
STAR 2 - Beat every level as Mario
STAR 3 - Beat every level as Luigi
STAR 4 - Collect the gold flag on every level
STAR 5 - Collect all star coins

Extra Bonuses

Final Level - Get 5 stars on your file
Play as Luigi - Clear Special World 1
Special World - Clear World 8


~Easy free lives in World 1-2
*click the link to see the video

~One-Up Conversion At The Goal
When you're holding an item, such as the blocks that let you twirl higher in the air, see if you can make it to the goal post without letting them go. If you complete the stage while still holding onto the item, it'll change into an extra One-Up Mushroom.

~Grey Tanooki Leaf
In the Special World, the Tanooki Leaves are grey in color. When you grab them, you gain a red or green bandanna around your neck. With this item, you turn into a statue (a la Super Mario Bros 3) when you perform a Ground Pound.

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