Dec 23, 2011

Final Fantasy VII world map "Earth" edition

Holiday with low activities scheduled, that's why this thing come cross my mind, "what does FF7 world look like... from a satellite?". If FF7 world is a planet just like Earth, orbiting a star like our Sun, in a distance where keeps water in liquid form and so on... the color and looks should be similar like our Earth (or I'm wrong?), so I put all the Earth-like texturing and color to similize the Earth, so hopefully it looks more like a real planet. And this is it, Final Fantasy VII world in the reality form.

Click the image to enlarge:

The cloud texture originally created by Natural Earth III, I use a part of it into this map.



John said...

Nice, but I think the entirety of almost every continent shouldn't be visible from one side of the globe. That would require the ocean between Wutai and the easternmost continent (with Midgar) to be the same width as the rest of the world combined, which we know it isn't. It would looks more natural if you could only see about half of it at once and had to have two angles to see it all.

Sam said...

Pretty impressive. It works quite well in Celestia!