Dec 16, 2011

My iOS games update 12/16/11

One of the titles within my wish list has a BIG DISCOUNT! "RPG - Symphony of Eternity" now selling $0.99, dropped from $8.99!

This game was releaseed in Japanese and recently updated with English support. Overall gameplay similar to old Final Fantasy (1-6), the enemy encounter system is not random, you can actually see the enemy icon in the map, so you can evade the monster if you don't want to fight. I did try it on the old iPhone (3G) and it works well, unlike many new apps that didn't support old generation iPhones. It's worth to get it at $0.99 for gamers who like RPG, probably this discount is just for the coming Christmas.

Check out Symphony of Eternity on iTunes.

Additionally, another popular title that I like is Plants vs. Zombies, it's selling at $0.99 as well!


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