Jan 27, 2012

Square-Enix horrifies up smartphones

Square-Enix's first horror game Nanashi no Game originally released on July 2008, and then Nanashi no Game Me (part 2) released on August 2009 for Japanese NDS, now has made sequel to the smartphones, Nanashi no App/Arupuri (ナナシ ノ 或プリ). Yes, I played the NDS version, and it was great!

Similar to original content, you play as a character who's downloaded a cursed game that kills you in seven days! You start experiencing the strange and creepy things with your mails, camera which will use to solve some mysteries in order to beat the curse, otherwise, face your death!

Nanashi no App has integrated Twitter feature letting players read and tweet during the game, and it has real smartphone interface mockup that brings creepy stuffs up as in the real screen of the phone.

Nanashi no App is now available (Japan) for iPhone and February 2012 for Android version.

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