Aug 28, 2012

The World Ends with You on iOS is out now

One of the greatest hits from Nintendo DS came to iOS, The World Ends with You: Solo Remix is now on iTunes with Game Center support, selling at $17.99 / €15.99 for iPhone/iPod, and $19.99 for iPad.

Arriving on OS give those who never played TWEWY the opportunity to discover a great game, as well as provide the fans a chance to rekindle the excitement the original provided. But this isn't just the game DS game you know and love, it's been amped up to include a tonne of new features specifically designed for mobile.

- Retina display support - The graphics have been completely retouched to compliment the Retina display. Art and animation across the game has been redrawn for this release, making combat a beautiful experience.

- New music - Composer Takeharu Ishimoto’s complete soundtrack is included in the game with high-quality audio and full vocals, including remixes and new songs.

- Tweets amid the hustle and bustle - The world doesn’t end with Shibuya. Tap into the Internet and populate the minds of in-game streetgoers with tweets.

- Profile sharing - Exchange profiles with other players and their avatars will appear in the streets of Shibuya! If friends have Twitter accounts, their avatar will think their latest tweet, and players can receive free items for every trade!

- Wireless arcade action with friends - Use the pins equipped in the main story to play Tin Pin Slammer. Take on other players with iPhones or iPads and copies of The World Ends with You, and be the first to knock opponents’ pins off the table.

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