Feb 14, 2008

Devil May Cry 4 - Bonus artworks gallery

Click on the images below to open the full quality pics. These are the bonus artworks after beaten the game in different difficulty level. (Pictures are unsorted)



Berserker said...

Ah, good idea. Some people will be asking for bigger pics of these game clear bonus arts later, if they're not already. Nice!

sephirosuy said...

hihi, that's why I post them :p

Alberto Enrique said...

Man, you're missing one art of ladies playing with toys of dmc men.
It showed up when beating Son of sparda mode.


Aik Hui said...

Actually, that art is unlocked by beating the PC-exclusive Legendary Dark Knight mode. It's called "The Secret Festival of the Sword", and yeah, it shows Kyrie, Trish, Lady and Agnus playing with action figures of Nero, Dante, Angelo Credo and 2 scarecrows =P

Anonymous said...

so can you plz tell me where to get it? Thanks so much