Feb 13, 2008

Devil May Cry 4 - Unlockables / Secrets

A list of unlockable staffs of the game. For Achievements section, please check this page.

Clear Game bonus

ConditionUnlockables / Bonus
Clear Human / Devil Hunter- Artwork: The Two Heroes
- History of DMC
Clear Devil Hunter difficulty- Bloody Palace (survival / time attack)
- Son of Sparda difficulty
- Artwork: The Cast
Clear Son of Sparda difficulty- Danta Must Die difficulty
- Heaven or Hell mode
- Artworks: The Demons
Clear Dante Must Die difficulty- Hell and Hell mode
- Super Characters (unlimited DT)
- Artwork: Demon Invasion
Clear Heaven or Hell mode- Artwork: The Ladies of Devil May Cry
Clear Hell and Hell mode- Artwork: Light from the Demon Blade

Secret Ending

During the game end credits battle, protect Kyrie from getting hit for 90 seconds. If you did it right, the secret ending scene will occur after the credits scroll.



Anonymous said...

If you clear Human (and presumably Devil Hunter too) you also get the Legendary Dark Knight mode :)

sephirosuy said...

The new mode for PC version? thanks for the info, I haven't play the PC version yet :p

Keisuke said...

pc also got dmc4 ????? lolzzzz . nice
webbie btw . veri nice page sephiro :D

sephirosuy said...

^ Yup the pc version of DMC4 has been released in July 2008, check the product details in this page

Madcat said...

Yah, on the PC version. Legendary Dark Knight is unlockable on both Human and Devil Hunter mode, confirmed it myself ^^

CPboy said...

Been playing the PC version, damn the Legendary dark knight mode. So many enemies spawning but I always get a grade of S from mission 2-9 so far when I started playing it.

Tip: The Gyros will be your bestfriend in some stages.