Mar 25, 2008

FFCC: Ring of Fates - Boss battle 1-7

Just for reference and to share, perhaps not the best strategies.

Boss 1

Boss 2

Boss 3

Boss 4

Boss 5

Boss 6

Boss 7


Anonymous said...

i havent fight to the 4th boss but the seven is that becus i have only played multiplayer

Anonymous said...

yes the 4th boss is story mode only

Anonymous said...

you can fight the 4th boss in multiplayer. He's in hard mode where the 'avalanche' sign was.

Anonymous said...

I think I have a better and faster way to beat behemoth (2nd boss).

If you cast on him a lightning, he will fall down uncoverind de gem. After that, you can step on a kill him very fast.

P.D.: Thank you for your guides.

Signs: Konosoke

Anonymous said...

A better way to beat the second boss is when he cast fire on you cast fire on his ring and it will intercept his ring and make him fall on his back. Then you can go close to his head and attack and it will hurt as much as it would if you stomp on the crystal

Anonymous said...

I think I found a better way to beat the second boss.

When he cast fire on you, cast fire on his ring and it will intercept his and backfire on him.
Then instead of stomping on his crystal you can go close to its head and use the sword which hurts the same much if your close enough.

Anonymous said...

By the fourth boss do you mean Crystal Alhalanem? He can be fought in multiplayer, just go back through Mount Vaal. It alternates each pass-through.

gavin said...

just to tell you,for the 4th boss,you can get the red orb thing and you wouldent need to dodge the fire atack

sephirosuy said...

Hi all, thanks for the info. Btw, yes the 2nd boss is actually weak against lightning since only one hit will knock it down unlike the spells need twice.

Gavin, thanks for the tips too :)

Anonymous said...

Actually the forth boss is indeed in multiplayer mode. But you need a selkie to help get you up the ledges and such. I know because my friend and I did that. =) Good luck. I hope that helps.

Anonymous said...

im overstated

yuri: attack:999
im working on getting mage up, but most of the time the dam mog store doesnt have mag up >.<

Anonymous said...

hi, um I have a question, if I'm on the second time thru the game, and meeth is in her frog armour thingy, I can't get her into her urn.... and I'm at rela cyel right now, can't get her to go thru the hole.... stuck... what should I do?