Mar 25, 2008

FFCC: Ring of Fates - Boss battle 8-13

Just for reference and to share, perhaps not the best strategies.

Boss 8

Boss 9

Boss 10

Boss 11

Boss 12

Final Boss
(sorry for the video couldn't play well)


Anonymous said...

nice work! are you going to make a walkthrough for river belle (the extra dungeon in the new game +) and the boss of that level?

sephirosuy said...

Yes, will make it soon in a video as well.

gavin said...

i'm level 89 finaly on the multiplayer,i'm a fan,i got a level 62 archer,and a level 49 mage,i dont have that little dude tho,might get him

Anonymous said...

Hello, doing well on the story mode. Yuri's level 55 or so in full Legionarre armor with a Kotetsu, he hits 500 a lot. Gnash is lagging behind, he takes 180 from bees and his attack power is a measly 360. I can't wait to fiddle with Meeth's alchemy urn again =) Also I find the hardest boss in the game is the fourth (Mt. Vaal with Teenage Yuri)

Multiplayer my best is a LV15 Clavat (ironically named Yuri) with Red Clothes and a Steel Weapon. Anyone care to link up?

RayZ101 said...

Finally beated Cu Chaspel on Very Hard in Multiplay as Calvat.

All you do is just keep bashing him and freezing him, it'll take a long time and probably drain all of your magictices off, etc.