Apr 23, 2008

The World Ends With You - Walkthrough Shiki Chapter

Shiki Chapter


<< The 1st Day >>

#= Scramble Crossing

~Follow the command and tutorial when prompt. Learn about the move, control
and such things as the game needs.

~Obtain (S) Quick Dash and (B) Escaping from Battle.

Message from The Reapers:
Reach 104.
You have 60 minutes.
Fail, and face erasure.

#= Statue of Hachiko

~You will pact with Shiki automatically during the event, then somemore
tutorial battles next.

~Obtain Pyrokinesis and (B) Bottom-screen Combat, Boot/Reboot, CONTROLS/Drag.

~Move right to Scramble Crossing, then take the top path to Building 104.

#= Building 104

~After some events, defeat the monsters in the coming up battles, lastly
the boss, Mosh Grizzly.

~Obtain (B) Top-screen Combat, Dual-screen Combat, Follow That Puck!
So I Beat the Enemy... 500 Yen, and Scarletite.


<< The 2nd Day >>

Message from The Reapers:
Set the curssed sculpture free.
You have 60 minutes.
Fail, and face erasure.

#= Station Underpass

~Head to left path for an event. You will get (B) Scanning.

~Tap the pin to scan. You will get (B) Enemy Encounters.

~Now scan again and you can see 3 Noise around the red cloth man, tap
them one by one to enter the battle, defeat all monsters to obtain Thunderbolt,
Force Rounds, (B) CONTROLS/Touch; Psychokinesis, (B) Use Obstacles;
Shockwave, (B) CONTROLS/Slash, lately will get (B) Mail Icon, 500 Yen.

~Go left to next area.

#= West Exit Bus Terminal

~Talk the Rhyme and Beat, select everything available from the chat. You will
obtain a Cure Drink, (S) Phone Menu, (B) Wearing Pins.

~Now you can use the phone menu on the upper right of the touch screen.
Set Neku's pin under the Pins section.

~Go top left of the area, talk to the man in red. After that, scan the area
and you will find alot of Noise, have some training here if you want. Around
the exit to Station Underpass, you can find a Green Noise on the top, defeat
it to obtain 500 Yen.

~Go to the Moyai Statue on the middle top area, scan and defeat the two
Yellow Noise there.

~Obtain 500 Yen, (S) Extra Slot.

~Now go to left to next area.

#= Statue of Hachiko

~Scan near the statue for an event. Scan at the top right end to locate the
Green Noise, defeat it for 500 Yen.

~Tap the !!! on the status, back to previous area (West Exit Bus Terminal).
Scan around the Moyai Statue to find the "Hachiko". After that, return to
Statue of Hachiko and tap the !!! again, polish the statue with your stylus.

~Defeat the wolves to obtain (S) DEF Boost.

~The boss fight is coming up next, defeat the boss, Metal Corehog to obtain
(S) ATK Boost, Ice Blow, and Scarletite. Watch the scene.


<< The 3rd Day >>

#= ??? (Concert Stage)

~Obtain (S) Shutdown, (B) Shutdown.

~Go down to find Shiki. Obtain (S) Easy, watch a scene.

Message from The Reapers:
Defeat the master of A-East.
You have 360 minutes.
Fail, and face erasure.

~Move down to leave this place.

#= A-East

~Obtain (B) Talk to Your Partner.

~Talk to the man near the entrance (777) and agree to help him look for his
Tech. Afterwards, move left to Lapin Angelique (shop).

~After looking in the shop, you receive (B) Shop Clerks, Item Abilities.

~Go to the bottom and talk to the Reaper (man in red) for some scenes.
After that will obtain (S) ESP Cards, (S) Fusion Boost

~Talk to the Reaper again to enter the fight. Make sure you understand the
how do the ESP Cards work during this fight before moving on.

~Afterwards, take the exit to bottom.

#= Dogenzaka

~Go right, enter Ramen Don will find 777's Tech. Before you go, take a look
on the foods, remember you can eat these foods to increase your stats. But
you may save your money for now since it's abit expensive here.

~Now scan and defeat the Noise surounding 777's Tech.

~Obtain (S) DEF Boost, (B) Red Noise Symbols, (B) Yellow Noise Symbols.
Then head back to A-East.

#= A-East

~Talk to 777. Talk to the Reaper on the top. Defeat two appointed Noises
as he wants, then talk to him again to clear the wall.

~Obtain (S) Jump and 5,000 Yen.

#= Shibukyu Main Store

~Talk to Beat and Rhyme to know about Meme and receive the Blackout meme.
Then obtain (B) Memes. You can test it on the man that's near with the
Blackout meme.

NOTE: You must touch the green button, then red button, and select the meme.

~The 777's Tech should appear around, ignore him for awhile.

~Before you go, you can find a Green Noise near around the left of this place.

#= Dogenzaka

~Back to Dogenzaka, find the Cosmic Shop and scan the "Much Better" near the
shop. Now you will get Cough drops meme.

~Now enter Ramen Don to get Ramen meme.

~Before you leave, go left and tight to the lower area, use scan and you can
hardly see another Green Noise at the bottom, defeat it for 5,000 Yen. I think
you can find this when you first visit to this area.

#= Concert Stage

~Back to this place through A-East. Scan the "Where is he" around the top
right area to receive Fuse meme.

#= Shibukyu Main Store

~Find 777's Tech, tap him and select Cough drops meme. Again, you must tap
the green button, then red button, and select "Cough drops".

#= Dougenzaka

~Now 777's Tech should be inside the Cosmic Shop. Enter Cosmic Shop for an

~After this, talk to 777's Tech outside the shop, and this time select Ramen
meme for him, he will go to the Ramen Don.

~Enter Ramen Don for an event. After that, talk to 777's Tech outside Ramen
Don, use the Fuse meme and he will go Cosmic Shop again.

~Enter Cosmic shop for an event.

#= A-East

~Talk to 777 to end your current job and obtain the Lucky Star.

~Save your game, enter Concert Stage to face the boss.

#= Concert Stage

~Talk to the Tech at top right corner.

~BOSS: Vespertilio Canor
Seems like the boss usually appear on the Neku screen, and Shiki will face
the bats which is allow you open the ESP Cards easily. Catch every chance
to hit the boss when it shows up. Once you got all the ESP Cards, quickly
perform the fusion, and it could probably stun the boss, giving you more
chances to hit him.

~Obtain (S) ATK Boost, Poison Bones, Scarletite.


<< The 4th Day >>

#= 104 Building

Message from The Reapers:
Reach Towa Records.
No time limit.
Fail, and face erasure.

~After the beginning scene, talk to Beat and Rhyme to obtain (S) Noise Report.

~Enter 104 Building. Select and read all choises in the scene about the brands,
shops and other info.

~Obtain (S) Brand Awareness and (B) Shop Quests.

~Before you go, you can find a Green Noise on the left side of this area.

#= Scramble Crossing

~Obtain (B) Green Noise Symbols, (B) Pin Growth/Evolution.

~Now move down abit and scan for a Green Noise, defeat the pig for Love Charge.

~Talk to the Reaper on the right, collect two 1,000 Yens and talk to him again
to clear the wall. Personally, I got the 1,000 Yens from the Bigbanfrog.

~Obtain (S) Extra Slot, (S) Chain 4, and 5,000 Yen.

#= Shibu Dept. Store

~Go forward to trigger an event. Obtain (S) Backlash.

~Talk to Makoto in front of the store.

~Go right again talk to the Reaper. Give him 500 Yen to proceed, and you
will obtain (S) DEF Boost, (B) Chained Battles, and 5,000 Yen. You may try
to take on multiple Noise in once, but save your game before try that.

#= Cadoi City

~Go forward and you can find Beat and Rhyme again. Speak to them for an event.
After that, you will get (S) Mingle Mode, which lets you trade Friend Cards
and earn PP. Check the Phone Menu for details.

~Now save your game, then take the right path to next area.

#= Towa Records

~Watch some events, clear the Noise to obtain Lightning Moon. Without any
chance to rest, you will be forced into the boss fight.

~BOSS: Swing Shark
Try open all ESP Cards by attacking the minions since it's hard to hit the
boss with a full combo of Shiki. Be very careful when the boss disappears,
it would suddenly come out in front you and bites you a lot of HP, try to
hit it right after it shows up, if you did it right you can stop its bite.
Or just jump (Shiki) or dash (Neku) to dodge it. Also try to defeat its
minions as fast as possible since they would be getting aggressive later.

~Obtain (S) ATK Boost, Masamune, and Scarletite.


<< The 5th Day >>

#= Tipsy Tose Hall

Message from The Reapers:
Free Spain Hill from the Noise.
You have 200 minutes.
Fail, and face erasure.

~Talk to the Reaper around the right. Scan here you can see two bigger Noise
Symbols around. Clear both of them and talk to the Reaper again to receive
Murasame, Durable Leather, 10,000 Yen.

~Before you go next area, head to left and listen to the man there, then you
may move the coin on the touch screen to the white, but make sure you do it
slowly. Once you have done, you will obtain Reaper Creeper meme.

~Now take the left path.

#= AMX

~Go center and scan Makoto, clear the Yellow Noise surrounding him to get
5,000 Yen and Tin Pin ticket meme.

~Scan the right side to locate the Green Noise. This time it has three pigs
together, try to get them all face to same direction so you can easily block
them from fleeing. Simply use Murasame to hit and knock them in once. You will
get Rare Metal for this.

~After all, return to Tipsy Tose Hall.

#= Tipsy Tose Hall

~Now take the path to the top where the Reaper was.

#= Spain Hill

~Clear three Noise Symbols to obtain (S) Block and 1,000 Yen. Personally,
I chain three Noise Symbols together, I think you can still get these items
without chaining the Noise.

~Now scan Ai and Mina in front of Mexican Dog and defeat the Yellow Noise.
But the Noise just won't go, ignore them for a moment since there's a bonus

~Talk to the Reaper on the right, he wants a CD. Head back to AMX and buy
a CD for him (I picked the first one) in order to clear the wall. You will
obtain 1,000 Yen and Crimson Chili.

#= Molco

~Scan the area near the entrance to locate a Green Noise. Defeat that pig
to get 5,000 Yen.

~Before you go, you may have a look at Molco if there's something suitable
for you.

#= Spain Hill

~Save you game.

~Now talk to Ai and Mina in front of Mexican Dog (you must defeat the
Yellow Noise first), touch and input Reaper Creeper meme for her.

~Next up, choose "Sounds like fun" from their chatting.

~Move the coin to white for all Ai's question, remember you must do it slowly.

~Obtain (S) DEF Boost, and the boss is up next.

~BOSS: Circle Pit Grizzly
Recommend bring a Cure Drink for this fight if you're not good on using Block
with Shiki, but you still have to try Block every attack from the boss, and
it has only 2 type of attacks. As for Neku, better evade the hits from the boss
first before you make your attacks, recommended pins are Masamune or Murasame
plus Force Rounds.

~Obtain (S) ATK Boost, (S) Retry Battles, Sexy D, and a Scarletite


<< The 6th Day >>

#= Scramble Crossing

Message from The Reapers:
Dominate the scramble
crossing view at 3:00.
You have 180 minutes.
Fail, and face erasure.

~Obtain Red Skull.

~Move abit right, talk to Makoto and then scan him (Three hours). Scan him the
second time and defeat the Yellow Noise to obtain (S) Safe Landing. You will
also get: 1. Unreal, bro, 2. Come get some hot stuff 3. Totally gnarly memes.

~Talk to Makoto or the girl near him, imprint Makoto and choose Totally gnarly.

~Now move to top and speak with the Reaper. Choose Edoga the Shop, High heels,
Bubbles to get past. Obtain DEF Boost, Orichalcum, 5,000 Yen.

~Before that, take the right path to Shibu Dept. Store for some bonuses.

#= Shibu Dept. Store / Cadoi City / Molco

~Through Shibu Dept. Store reach to Cadoi City.

~There's a Green Noise on top of the Cadoi City entrance, defeat the pigs for
Love Me Tether.

~Afterwards, talk to the Reaper on the right for 1,000 Yen.

~Train your Murasame pin to level 3. Take the top path of Cadoi City to reach
Molco. Talk to the Reaper on the left side for Durable Leather and 1,000 Yen.

~After all, return to Scramble Crossing.

#= Scramble Crossing

~Enter the ??? path to next area.

#= Center St. Entrance

~Talk to Makoto after the scene. While imprinting him, choose Unreal, bro!

~Go to top area and talk to the Reaper. You need 3 Rare Metals which can be
found from No. 58 Decadraven, and you can find this Noise around here.

~Once you have done, you will get (S) ATK Boost, Sleek Silk, and 10,000 Yen
from the Reaper.

#= AMX / Tipsy Tose Hall

~Come to AMX, follow the left path to Tipsy Tose, then to Spain Hill.

#= Spain Hill

~You will see Makoto in front of the Mexican Dog. Speak to him and choose
Come get some hot stuff TWICE while imprinting him.

~After this, head back to Scamble Crossing.

#= Scramble Crossing / 104 Building

~Talk to Shiki around the bottom right, then she'll move to left area. Talk to
her once again for some events.

~Talk to Makoto and you will get (B) Be a Trendsetter.

~Now equip Red Skull pin and clear any three Noise Symbols around.
Obtain 500 Yen.

~After the event, go up to 104 Building. Clear three Noise Symbols with
Red Skull pin equipped too. Obtain Scarletite.

~Head back to Scramble Crossing and speak with Shiki to end this.


<< The 7th Day >>

#= Scramble Crossing

Message from The Reapers:
The Game Master awaits you
on the freeway. Defeat him.
You have 600 minutes.
Fail, and face erasure.

~First of all, I guide you to get some optional bonuses around before you go
for your objective. If you're not interesting, skip to Statue of Hachiko.

~Talk to the Reaper on top right. To answer his questions correctly, choose
Yuu Narumi, Slash Neku, and Hip Snake. Get 1,000 Yen and Sweet, Sweet Onions.

~Talk to the Reaper on the right, he wants a Natural Magnum which can be
evolved by Happy Beam. To get a Happy Beam, go left to Statue of Hachiko and
purchase from the Shibukyu Stationside, under Accessory heaven KuraKura. Once
you got the Natural Magnum (Happy Beam level 5), talk to this Reaper again to
obtain 1,000 Yen, Colorful Thread, Stunning Crystals.

~Talk to the Reaper on top, he wants a Funky Shades which can be found in
Shibukyu Stationside as well. Buy one for this Reaper to obtain 1,000 Yen
and Choice Meat.

~Go right until you reach Towa Records, scan the middle area can find a
Green Noise pig.

#= Statue of Hachiko

~Speak with the Reaper. Chain up 3 Noise Symbols to get pass the wall.
You will obtain (S) ATK Boost and 5,000 Yen.

~Move on to the next area, be ready to face the boss.

#= West Exit Bus Terminal

~Speak to the Reaper to enter the fight.

~BOSS: Cornix Canor
First, charge up the fusion from the two Decadravens before the boss appears.
The chance of hitting the boss is only when it shows on the screen. Once you
hear its voice, prepare to dodge it on the bottom screen, needless to say,
attack as much as possible afterwards. Then block it with Shiki as it appears
on the top screen. If it carried a vehicle away, pay attention to the shadow
because it will throw it to Neku and it does a large damage. Fusion use only
when the boss appears on the screen otherwise it won't take damage.

~Obtain Meteor Magnet.

~Move on to the right.

#= Station Underpass

~Follow the path to face another boss.

~BOSS: Ovis Cantus
Have Neku equip with Meteor Magnet and Cure Drink (and other pins you like).
Focus more on Shiki attacks, Neku has to dodge as many attack as possible,
use Meteor Magnet from a distance. When the boss starts using his arm attack,
continue attack with Shiki since she can dodge this move while in the middle
of her combo, but Neku should dash around. Needless to say, get all ESP Cards
as soon as possible and use a Fusion when it's available. Use Cure Drink when

~After all, you get Scarletite, Earthshake, and (S) DEF Boost.

~That's all for Shiki Chapter.


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~ShikiMisaki~ said...

Dude, you haven't mentioned
how to complete that chapter
so you can read the battle
reports. Like, in Shiki
chapter one, ur goal was to
get the Nose Glasses. And
you haven't mentioned that at
all. I think you should.

Anonymous said...

....Those are part of the secret reports, and can only be obtained AFTER beating the game.