Sep 26, 2008

Biohazard is going to release on Wii

Another remake of Resident Evil / Biohazard remake for Nintendo Wii. This title is set to release on 12/25/2008 in Japan, and the official site is now open (9/25).

Official Site



Berserker said...

Ah, a WiiREmake. :p

It would be nice if they would actually add some more extras to these ports besides slight controller enhancements. With the GC backward compatibility available on Wii, these ports look much less interesting really.

I wonder if they might be actually planning on remaking the older RE's (RE2, 3 & CV)? Then this rereleasing would make some better sense. Hmmm... just a thought. :D

sephirosuy said...

I doubt Wii controller would be hard to play with this RE, BTW I didn't play Biohazard 0 for Wii that was released.

Well, I think other REs might come to Wii too, lets wait a little long for announcement if they do, since this and Biohazard 0 were annouced in this year. Ahh... that's too many title remake for this generation lol