Sep 30, 2008

Sonic Chronicles TDB - Walkthrough 1

Sonic Chronicles The Dark Brotherhood Walkthrough 1



#= Green Hill Zone

~After the opening scene, the game begins with some basic tutorialm grab some
rings around, and the first side mission is here as well.

~Side Mission: The Tired Old Woodsman
Talk to the old man around the left and help him chop off 3 woods that's
near him. Talk to him again for some rewards.

~Take the chest at top left area for a Health Seed.

~Move down press the button and take the raft to opposite shore.

~You will have some tutorial battles up next.

~Explore around the area to find somemore Chao Eggs, rings and more items.
There's one chest on the hill around the bottom right contains a Boxing Gloves.

~After all, save you game before crossing the bridge to South, you will fight
with Marauder Scout over there, recommend learn the Fastball I POW Move before
head for that fight. Make sure you save enough PP for this move.

~BOSS: Marauder Scout
Perform the Fastball move and follow up with Amy's attack should kill him
in 1 or 2 rounds. If Marauder uses Stasis Grenade, make sure tap the points
appear on the screen to reduce the damage.

#= Central City

~Enter the stronghold at the right, speak to Tails inside the stronghold.
You could restore your HP/PP before you left the stronghold.

~Enter the fight with thr Eggman's Robot. After the fight, you may enter the
stronghold again to recover your team.

~Move to the middle for a scene with Rouge, follow her to find GUN.



#= Central City

~Leave the lap. Speak to the man on the right, and now you may start help him
to fix the pipes. Follow the steps below:

~Send 2 characters each step on the 2 buttons.
~Send 1 character to operate the hook.
~Send the last character to hook up the pimp.
~Switch back to the previous character and move the hook back.

~Now by going through the pipe you can find more items as well as Chao Egg.

~Side Mission: Mechanical Muggers
Speak with the GUN Soldier near the lap, then go through the tunnel in the
middle which require Sonic's dash to enter to reach the left part of the map.
Fight with the robots. You must defeat the robots together otherwise they
would recover even defeated. Talk to the GUN Soldier again to get rewards.

~Side Mission: Queen of the Swarm
Around the shop area, find the man near the car to get this mission. Defeat
the Queen Wasp on the rooftop to end this. Talk to the man again for rewards.

~Now use the pipe you fixed just now to fly over some buildings. When you reach
to the block at the bottom, fly right to find a Chao Egg. After that, fly left
to proceed.

~Reach to the top area, enter the room on the wall can find Bug Spray,
POW Gum, and Revival Ring.

~Enter the room where shown at star on the map (your objective) for a battle.
Defeat the Swat Bots in a same round, or else they will self repair. After
the fight, you obtain Communnicator.

~Exit the room, check the other star on the map for another Communicator.

~Now you may back to Green Hill Zone.

#= Green Hill Zone

~Talk to the man in the middle to start repair the bridge. First press the
2 buttons with Sonic and Amy, then send Tails or Rouge to fly over the gap
the press the buttons over the other side.

~Check the hideout in the middle and one at the right for Communicators.
Fly to the bottom right area to obtain the last Communicator.

~Afterwards, the Mystic Ruins can now be reached, where is located at South
of the Central City.

~An event occur you reach the path to Mystic Ruins. After that, back to the
workshop/stronghold and you have to use the airship to the Mystuc Ruins.

#= Mystic Ruins

~Move close to the smoke area for an event. Big joins the party. Now you can
use Big to shield the party to top left area for some items and Chao.

~For the little puzzle at the bottom area, first step on the buttons except
the top left button, then send the remaining character to pick the object
from the lower switch. Now leave the bottom left button and step on the
top left button to open the upper switch, put the object to the upper switch.
Leave all the button to operate the vent.

~Jump up the stage in the middle of the vents and fly to the left.

~Enter the lair for some scenes. The enemies inside are quite strong, however
the flee option is allowed.

~Knuckles is inside the right room, but if you have Amy in the party, enter
the left room to find a Chao Egg. This chapter end as you meet Knuckles.



#= Central City

~In the workshop, you can speak with Big for "Norton is Mission" mission.
We will do this when we visit Green Hill Zone later.

~Set Knuckles and Rouge or Tails in the party so you could get everything
of the Central City now.

~Head to top left of the map and defeat the Swat Bot for Eggman Device.

~Now enter the room near the shop (left), talk to the man inside that room
to get "Buyer Beware!" mission. We will do this when we visit Green Hill Zone.

~Move to the South exit for a scene. Afterwards, enter Mystic Ruins.

#= Mystic Ruins

~Go to the middle for an event of the signal. Go down to meet with Shadow.
If you only select the 1st option in the dialogue, then you will end up for
a fight with Shadow. So read carefully during the chat with Shadow if you
gonna avoid the battle.

~After the scene, you get another Eggman Device.

~Now move to top left area, have Big shields the party from the smoke. For
the Robotdillo enemy, you have to defeat them in a same round like Swat Bot,
because they will revive if the battle is not ended yet.

~Defeat more Robotdillo in the top left room for Eggman Device. After this
you can head back to the Green Hill Zone.

~You may challenge the Colossal Worm at the bottome before you go.

#= Green Hill Zone

~For the "Buyer Beware!" mission, just go and find the salesman around the
right area and speak to him for the Prized Stapler, then bring it back to
the man in Central City, inside the room near the shop, and you will get
the Eggman Device.

~Side Mission: Cream and Cheese
Jump up to the hill in the middle, then fly to the right side. Next you would
need Knuckles to climb the pillar to the right. Next up you would need Sonic
to dash pass the circle. Afterwards, you will find 2 paths here, if you jump
down you could find Dr. Madden for "Stop the Signal" mission (check below),
if you fly up to the other hill, you can find Cream around, speak with her to
begin the mission. She needs you to find her Chao named Cheese, which hiding
in the tower at the right corner of the map. Use Knuckles to climb up and
bring Cheese back to Cream. You gain 500 XP and Cream will join the party.

~Side Mission: Norton is Missing
As mentioned before, you get this mission from Big in the workshop. What you
gonna do is find all 4 froggies in this place with Big. By going throught the
route to Cream (see the mission above), you should meet up with 2 of them.
One more is located at the right corner of the map. And the last foggy is
on the small island at North.

~Side Mission: Stop the Signal
Find and stop all 3 projectors in this place. The locations are top right,
top left, and bottom left, and you must have Knuckles and any one with fly
ability to get it done. Everytime you switch the projector you will be forced
to battle with Raptor Hawk, so better save you game before that. Once you done,
report to Dr. Madden to get Cure All Spray, Health Leaf, and 50 XP.

~Fly to the middle hill of the map, found someone is trapped inside the
cave. Inside there got 2 Gaint Scorpion await, make sure save your game first.
Defeat them for one more Eggman Device.

~Side Mission: A Young Boy in Trouble
After the Giant Scorpion fight, bring the boy back to Central City to meet
with his father. Obtain Health Leaf and 25 XP.

~Also bring back the Prized Stapler for the man in Central City that's near
the shop if you have not done yet. If you have got 5 Eggman Device, you will
get the Pattern Generator.

~Now head to the left of Green Hill Zone, climb up to the top for a scene.
The seal could be open now, but some fights are coming up.

~Go into the base for more fights. Defeat all the enemies to trigger the scene.



#= Central City

~Eggman joins the party after the beginning scene. Leave the workshop and
take the airship to the new location.

#= Blue Ridge Zone

~There's a shop at the right, have a look for some new items.

~Talk to the man that's around to obtain "Deliver the Warning" side mission.

~Follow the road to find Shadow and fight him. If you have Tails in the
party, try send him a Flash Bang before using more normal attack. After the
fight, you will need to chase him with Sonic. Defeat him again in the battle.

~During the dialogue, Shadow will mention about the E-123 Omega, ask him
more about it and later you will get the side mission "The Search for Omega".
We will do this mission when we reach Metropolis.

~Side Mission: Deliver the Warning
Go top, cross the bridge and head upstairs, talk to the man and pick the
first option. Before you go, jump to the back of the factory can find a Chao.
Back to the man who gives you the mission to end this. Rewards are Speed Bar
and 500 XP.

~Have Sonic dash through the two circles in the middle to the rightern hill,
you need Knuckles to break the crate to obtain the Chao Egg. Use the following
ramp with Sonic back to the ground, and you should see the spring just nearby,
use it to jump to the top for another Chao Egg.

~The spring at the bottom of the map brings you to get another Chao Egg and
some rings as well.

~Side Mission: Timmy's in Trouble
Move to lower left corner, talk to the old man to start the mission. Now go
up, tight to the left and you can find a path beside the car which leads to
the well. Enter the well, obtain the rings and Chao Egg then talk to the
man. Go back to the old man for Crazy Beans and 75 XP. Also check the back
of his house for a Chao Egg as well.

~Side Mission: GUN Escort
Around the mid-North area, there's a GUN Official standing at the branch of
the road. Talk to him and then bring him back to the airship area. Rewards
are Immunity Booster, Antidote, and 100 XP.

~Side Mission: Man in the Booth
There's a red booth near the bridge, examine it to trigger an event. After
that, go to the shop and buy a Blue Ridge Times. Past it to the person inside
the booth for Prune Juice and 25 XP as your reward.

~After all, move to top left oof the map where the star is. As Tails mentions
you should save your game before the next fight.

~BOSS: Procurator Shade, Nocturnal Velite x2
My suggestion is focus all your attack on Procurator Shade, perform all your
powerful moves such as Fastball, Uppercut, Axe Kick in the first round to
defeat her. Afterwards, the rest will be easy.

~Next, you will come to the left part of the map. Talk to the man that's
near the door to start solve the puzzle. What you have to do is step on
the right pattern as the monitor show on top of the door. You need to solve
3 of it in order to get pass this chapter.



#= Underground

~Talk to Knuckles after the scene, then talk to Tails to proceed.

~You now have to split your party into 2 teams before leaving the room.
This room is you stronghold as well, so you can back here to heal your party
as you pass by later.

~Once you've done, you will control Sonic team ahead. Follow the passage,
take the Chao Egg in the corner then exit through the upstairs door.

~Afterwards, you control Tails team from the same spot as Sonic. Now use
the door next to the way you start. Next room, examine the chest on the
left for Rubber Gloves, Health Seed, Cure All Spray. Check the machine
at the bottom of the chest for a scene. Obtain Weapon Part.

#= Metropolis

~Back to Sonic. Move left and climb the wall with Knuckles to get some
rings and Chao Egg up there. Make sure you also take the items from the
chest below which contains Swift Boots, Ring of Life, and Grapple Claws.

~Back to the street, go North-East area through the only path you got.
Also check the small space on the left surrounding by a Gun Pawn, there's
a Chao Egg there. Climb the red wall on the right for Chao Egg. Explore the
road behind the airbase for a Speedy Sneaker.

~Head up to the airbase, climb to upper area with climb.

#= Underground

~Now back to Tails team. Check the chest in the room below to obtain
Rock Salt, Health Root, POW Gum.

~Take the exit on the right side to leave.

#= Metropolis

~Move down, talk to the old man at the circle area to start a little puzzle.
What you gonna do for this puzzle is just press the colour switch according
to the lights. For the red colour switch, you can reach by flying from the
yellow switch. Press the operator to start it when you're ready.

~Once the escalator has been on, climb to the top for some rings. Now fly
to the tower in the middle of the map, and from here you could fly to many
different spots to get more Chao Eggs and items. There are 4 directions are
available from the tower. If you eventually come to the bottom right area,
you can always return to the underground and back up to the upper area.

~Side Mission: The Search for Omega
From the middle tower, select the fly to the left and it will get you to
a room. Enter the room and defeat some enemies to rescue E-123 Omega. He will
become a part of your party now.

~Make your way back out at the top exit of the map from the underground,
move left and go up the slope. Check the chest at the end for Weapon Part.

~After the scene, new destination appears as the star shown on the map.
Back to the bottom right area through the underground passage, enter the
Eggman's lap for a scene.

#= Air Skiff

~Sonic team, head to top right and defeat the captain.

#= Metropolis

~Back to Tails team. Exit the lap, go down and head up the stairs near the
door to underground to find another Chao Egg.

~Through the underground again come to the top part of the map.

~Get up to the escalator and fly left to the tower again. From here jump down
once and use the fly action on the right, so you will reach to the cannon, and
a fight with Guardian Pawn and Laser Drone Mk.II is waiting. Defeat them to

#= Angel Island

~Sonic team, you may explore the new area to obtain as many thing as possible.

~Don't miss the Chao Egg at the beginning which can be reach by a flying ally.
Check whether you have already obtained the Fess Chao which increases the
chance of getting rare and unique Chao from the eggs, equip it before you
take the eggs.

~Be sure you take everything on the map before you dash up the only ramp,
because once you did it you will be forced into the fights in a row.

~After defeating some Nocturne Hestaruses, the scene will back to Tails.
Just head back to the stronghold at the underground.

~Finally Tails catch up with Sonic. Now rearrange your team for the boss fight.

~BOSS: Imperator Ix, Nocturne Hastatus x2
The Nocturne Hastatus will revive after serveral rounds defeated, so I suggest
put all your moves on the Imperator first. Personally, I have included Cream
and Big in the fight, with Big spams his Lure Whip to keep Imperator Ix sleep,
he is almost useless in the fight (BTW I have maximized the Lure Whip level).
For Cream, perform her Refresh POW move to restore PP when necessory, the rest
just keep using their most powerful moves to end the battle fast. Needless to
say, you have to perform the actions well to avoid getting hit hardly or
perform fail attack.



#= Metropolis Ground Zero

~Now Shade has joined the party.

~Check out the stars showing on the map to find the 3 generators. Activate all
the generators to proceed.

~Afterwards, a new star appears on the top right which is the Hazard Vault.
Now back to the stronghold at the bottom, bring an ally with Smash III (Amy).

~Enter the Hazard Vault. Move on to trigger a scene.

~BOSS: Egg Bot, Assault Drone MK. II x2
Kill the Assault Drone MK. II as soon as possible since the Egg Bot will
revive if his minions are not destroyed yet. BTW, Big's Lure Whip does work
with the Egg Bot as well.

~Obtain Dimensional Buffer. Smash the crates to get the last Chao Egg of this
place, also check the chest for Iron Claws, Cure All Spray, and POW Drink.

~Head back to the stronghold and speak with Tails.

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