Oct 1, 2008

Sonic Chronicles TDB - Walkthrough 2

Sonic Chronicles The Dark Brotherhood Walkthrough 2



#= Kron Colony

~At the beginning, you have to face a Kron Warrior. You need more piercing
attack or use Crazy Beam to take it down faster.

~Move down to encounter another Kron Warrior.

~Side Mission: Secret Operations
Return the the Cyclone airship, speak with Rouge to start this mission.
What you have to do is collect the Nocturne Tech for her. The Nocturne Tech
can be obtained from the battle against Nocturne Princeps or Nocturne Equites
enemies, and you must get grade A ranking from the battle in order to stay a
chance to obtain this item. Collect about 6 or 7 Nocturne Techs and give to
Rouge, and then she will ask you to promise her not give her any more if this
item. Make a promise for her to obtain a Health Root, Crazy Beans, and 1000 XP.
If she didn't ask for your promise, just go and get few more Nocturne Techs for
her until she ask for that. BTW, this mission can be finished later as you get
more Nocturne Techs.

~Side Mission: Relics of the Past
Find Nestor in the room at East area. He's looking for someone to collect
an item called Nocturne Relic, which has been placed on each of the colonies
in the Twilight Cage. So you have to explore in the further stages in order
to find all the Nocturne Relics (the locations of all Nocturne Relic will
be found accordingly in the walkthrough).

~Now head to the left part, get through the cave and the mountain path come
to the shop. Talk to Foreman Krag inside the shop, then exit.

~Move up to the left path, use the springs to reach to the top.

~Speak with the Kron up there to start a puzzle.

~Set (=) for Blue, (|) for Yellow, (+) for Red on the panel, then dash over
the conveyor belt with Sonic to the top right area.

~Run down the path, enter the room at the bottom.

~Shut down to generator, then take the new exit on top of the room.

~Talk to Foreman Krag out there. After that, enter the cave on the right.

~Head to bottom right to obtain the Chaos Emerald 1.

~Head to bottom left can find the first Nocturne Relic in the chest.
Past it to Nestor for Health Root and 75 XP.

~Now you can see alot of Nocturne Princeps and Nocturne Equites enemies
around, could be a chance to obtain more Nocturne Tech for Rouge's mission.

~Return to your airship and check the Yellow arrow, then select your next
destination, N'rrgal Colony.



#= N'rrgal Colony

~As soon as you leave the airship, you will fight with 2 Nrrgal Warriors.
Seems like any elemental attack does more damage for this enemy.

~Go down to left with the help of Big's Invulnerable III cover against the
smoke, find the chest down in the pool which contains a Nocturne Relic.
Take it to Nestor in Kron Colony later.

Side Mission: Poisoned the N'rrgal Supply
Follow to path to right, there's a N'rrgal NPC at the corner before you turn to
right, and he would give you this mission. Now move left from the middle path
and jump down to the pool where you could spot some N'rrgal Drones (small one)
down there. Go to left until the end and enter the cave. You will fight a
Swat Bot inside there. Defeat him to get Precursor Tablet, this gives you
another side mission which is "The Argus Event". Before you leave, check the
chest for Oily Hydraulics, Ice Ring, and Mad Emitter. Back to the N'rrgal NPC
for Prune Juice, Clover Juice, and 3000 XP.

~Side Mission: The Argus Event
This is another long period mission. You will get more Precursor Tablets in
further place, then you should give this Precursor Tablet to Nestor in the
Kron Colony to advance. All Precursor Tablet locations will be mentioned
later as the story process reaches to that places.

~Once you've done, head to top left corner, that hole will get you to the
N'rrgal Queen. Talk to her for your next objective.

~Back to your airship.

~Side Mission: The Argus Event

#= Zoah Colony

~Defeat the Zoah Brutes outside the airship.

~Move down and talk to the bot at the side for "The Night Stalker" side
mission. Go right and talk to the following bot before you jump down for
the "Pirate of the Twilight Cage" side mission (ignore this for a moment).

~Side Mission: The Night Stalker
Head to the right and talk to the second bot from the top which is Haniman.
Defeat a Dragodon appears after the chat for Precursor Tablet, POW Drink,
and 3000 XP.

~Speak to the bot right after Haniman for some info as well as the info
of Pirates of the Twilight Cage side mission.

~Check out the treasure chest inside the top right room which contains
Cursed Gloves, Prune Juice, and Refresher Wave.

~The 2nd room on the right can find Voxai Teleporter, Immunity Booster, and
Med Emitter from the chest inside. The 3rd room contains Immunity Booster,
Antidote, Refresher Wave. Now visit the room at the center of the map, check
the chest inside this room to obtain another Nocturne Relic. Past it to Nestor
later. Another small room just below here contains some rings. Some of the
rooms mentioned above got a Zoah Brute guarding inside, so beware.

~Afterwards, move to bottom and take down the Zoah guarding at the door.

~Talk to the bot at the right to start the puzzle. Step on the plate to try
cracking a code, and use the switch to choose the fourth number. The sample
numbers and the numbers that needed to be cracked have the same pattern of
calculation. What I got was 9-1-4-6 as sample, and the numbers for cracking
are 8-2-7-?, what I did guess is "9+1" = "4+6", so for the cracking numbers
should be "8+2" = "7+?", so the correct number for my puzzle is "3". Actually
I'm not really sure this is the solution, if you couldn't get it work, just
try every number that're available.

~There's a Chao Egg at bottom left is quite tricky. You can reach there by
flyiing from the stage at left of the map.

~Now enter the base at the bottom left. Check the chest on the left to get
Iron Tonic, Cure All Spray. Check the upper chest for Cursed Gloves, and
Psychic Water.

~An event will occur as you get to the top area.

~BOSS: General Raxos
First, you will battle with the Commander Syrax and some Zoah Brutes.
The General Raxos is up next. Keep Sonic above 60% of his HP for safety.
Since Sonic has good speed, so be sure you always spend the first turn to
heal if needed, and you'll still able to deal enough damage to the boss in
each round. Needless to say, the key to win this is still the accuracy of
how you input the action command to deal more damage and receive lesser hit
during the fight.

~After defeating the boss, you will appear at outside and the Chaos Emerald 2
will be yours. Return to the base again because there are 2 treasure chest in
the arena where you fight the boss. The items you can obtain are Med Emitter,
Crazy Beans, Clover Juice, Refresher Wave, Iron Tonic, and Rock Salt.

~Head back to the airship and return to N'rrgal Colony

#= N'rrgal Colony

~Go report to the N'rrgal Queen about your mission, then she will give you
the Chaos Emerald 3.

~Side Mission: Pirates: The N'rrgal Shipment
Head to the top area, talk to the N'rrgal Merchant at the side of the path,
and he will ask you to deliver his good to the merchant in Kron Colony. Just
go and find the Kron Merchant in the shop of Kron Colony, the Kron Merchant
will give you Rock Salt, Health Root, Kron Payment, 2500 XP. After this, bring
the Kron Payment to the N'rrgal Merchant for Refresher Wave, Health Root,
Revival Ring, 2500 XP as your rewards.

~Side Mission: Pirates of the Twilight Cage
As you got this mission from one of the bots in Zoah Colony, you will be
intruded by the pirates when you return to the airship. Defeat the pirates
to get another Precursor Tablet, this battle also gets you 10000 XP.

NOTE: As you go back to Kron Colony, pass all the Norturne Relics and
Precursor Tablet you got to Nestor for the mission of "Relics of the Past"
and "The Argus Event".



#= Voxai Colony Beta

~Not hard to find all the rings and eggs of this map, just experiment with
how are those warp points work. Have Shade's teleport to obtain the sealed
Chao Egg.

~The room in the middle can find Cure All Spray, Crazy Beans, Ring of Life.
Room at the left has a Norturne Relic, the lower room at left has Zoah Shield,
Health Seed, Psychic Water. And one more at the top right contains a Chao Egg.
Remember to take the Nocturne Relic in one of the rooms at the left area.

~For your current objective, use the ramp on the right to reach top left area,
examine the teleport machine to trigger an event.

~Move down and use the ramp at the bottom to reach to right part. Enter the
room and speak with Thebes inside there.

~After the battle, heal your party and prepare some Antidotes. Head to the
top left area again through the ramp.

~BOSS: Thelxe, Voxai Conspirators x2
Take down the enemies one by one, and use the POW Moves to make it fast.
Be sure you cure the Poison status to avoid getting worthless HP lost.

~Obtain Great Emerald. Now check the teleport machine again will proceed to
the next location. But before that, I recommend bring along Amy, Shade and
one ally with fly ability to explore more deeper in the following location.

#= Voxai Colony Alpha

~Follow the path to West, use Shade to teleport over the obstacles.

~Bottom left can find the Nocturne Relic for the "Relics of the Past" mission.

~Check the chest at bottom right for Gapple Claws, Med Emitter, Refresher Wave.

~Head up to the East area, speak to the Thebes's ally over there to start the
puzzle. What you need to do is, switch on the panel first, then step on all
3 buttons down there. Now pay attention to the colour lights on the ground,
one of these colour lights will flash either once or twice. When the light
flashes once, you have to switch to the character who's standing on that light
and press the action button (!). If the light flashes twice, you just need to
switch to that character who's standing on that light (do not press the action
button). Keep this going until you've done 8 times to solve it.

~A boss fight awaits in the middle, prepare the Pyraz Chao for one or more
characters because fire elemental deals more damage to the coming up enemies.
Once you've done, jump down to the middle for more events.

~BOSS: Overmind Leucosia, Overmind Ligaia, Overmind Riadne
First round, put some support statuses like Blow Kiss of Amy, Medi Bot of Tails
and such moves for your party. For your main attackers, you should equip Pyraz
Chao for them and perform the strongest single target POW Moves to kill off one
of the bosses instantly. Next round you may take a little rest to restore your
PP or HP if needed. And do the same thing to finished off the rest. Shouldn't
be a problem as long as you don't let any of you allies fall.

~After the fight, you will get the Chaos Emerald 4 and 5.

~As for the Chao Egg at the bottom of the middle part, you could get it from
lower right area where the treasure chest was. But you need Shade's teleport.

~After all, back to the teleport machine to return to the Voxai Colony Beta.
Then, back to the airship for some scenes to end this chapter.



#= Voxai Colony Beta / Kron Colony

~Lets finish some remaining side mission before you go for the final stage.

~Side Mission: Overmind Interface
Go to Voxai Colony Beta. Make your way to the bottom left of the map. Speak to
Croesus to start the mission. Afterwards, take the warp just around Croesus to
reach to the North island. Defeat the Nocturne Hestatuses over there. Now head
back to bottom left and talk to Croesus, you will get Psychic Water, POW Drink,
and 4500 XP as rewards.

~Use the circles at the bottom to the right area, examine the chest inside
that room to obtain the last Precursor Tablet.

~Side Mission: Argus Event, Relics of the Past
If you followed the walkthrough, you definitely have obtained all the
Precursor Tablets and Nocturne Relics. So now head back to Kron Colony
and find Nestor (the room at bottom right of the map) to end these two
missions. You will get Med Emitter and 8000 XP for "Relics of the Past",
Ring of Life, Med Emitter, 10000 XP for "Argus Event" mission.

~After all, board on the airship and speak to Tails once you're ready for
the final stage.

#= Nocturne

~Seperate your party into two teams. After some events, you will control
Sonic team ahead. Enter the first room, push the switch to unlock the second
room, check the chest at the higher area for Med Emitter, Refresher Wave,
Cure All Spray before you leave. Now enter the second room.

~Knuckles team, go forward to right for a scene.

~Sonic team, use the spring in the room, then take to exit to the bottom.
You can fly down to find a Chao Egg, but you will back to the starting point.
Get back to where you were, and fly up to find the switch, press it will
switch back to Knuckles team.

~Knuckles team, continue going to the right, enter the room can find a chest
with Med Emitter, Refresher Wave, and Cure All Spray. Next up, Knuckles team
will encounter the Gizoid Centurions. You can't beat them of now, but try to
restore your HP in round 3, because you will fight them again with the current
HP you remain here.

~Sonic team, from you current location, fly back to previous area and back
into the room. Examine the Gizoid at the corner. Go up the stairs on the right.
Next room can find 2 more Gizoid, examine all of them. Afterwards, take the
exit on the right, and then take the other door below the slope to find the
last Gizoid.

~Knuckles team, now you will able to beat those Gozoid Centurions. After that,
explore around to top area for Chao Egg and some rings. Back to the mid and
climb the wall for a scene.

~Sonic team, move up from where you are, use the ramp to proceed. You can find
one more Chao Egg here. Dash through the next ramp to the right. Go into the
following room.

~You will appear in the flooded place, your PP will keep decreasing, and then
your HP will decrease too when your PP reaches to 0. Find the air pockets and
stay close to it to restore your PP, however, you HP won't restore from them.
So make sure don't let your PP down to 0 or you will get worthless HP lost.

~A Chao Egg can be found on the left area. Another one located at the right
most area of the map. From the junction in the middle, move top to reach to
your destination.

~Next room, get close to Charyb for a fight. Survive this fight for few rounds.

~Knuckles team, BOSS: Perfect Scylla
Should not drag this battle that long since the boss attack can decrease your
status. First round, use a character with lower attack power to use some items
like Prune Juice, Rock Salt to boost damage for the main attacker. Needless to
say, POW Moves are pretty useful to end this battle fast, be sure you don't
lose the command for the move.

~After the fight, you obtain Chaos Emerald 6. Now go into the room that's just
in front of Knuckles. Examine the panel to drain the water for Sonic team.

~Sonic team, BOSS: Perfect Charyb
Likewise, put some support status to increase your attack at the start. Dodge
the Might Slash from the boss to avoid stuning attack. Spend the remaining PP
for your best POW Moves.

~After the fight, you obtai Chaos Emerald 7. Now back to previous room, head
back to the junction area and the elevator is now opened. Use it to leave here.

~Out from the elevator, move down and jump to the springs for a Chao Egg.

~Enter the chamber for more fights.

~BOSS: Imperator Ix Power Throne, Power Pylon x2
You will fight these enemies with Knuckles team ahead. The Power Pylons can
restore HP for the boss every turn, so make sure you kill it before you make
any attacks on the boss. Be ready to heal from the powerful attack from the
boss. Make some bad statuses like Poison, Sluggish to weaken down the boss as
well if you have any.

~BOSS: Imperator Ix Power Throne, Power Pylon x2
This round you will fight the same enemies with Sonic team, and this is easier
than before since the Power Pylons are no longer regenerate Ix's HP, so you can
ignore them for this fight. Likewise, send him some statuses at the beginning,
be ready to avoid his Doom Orb.

~Now you can change your party allies before the next fight.
Big and Cream are recommended.

~BOSS: Imperator Ix, Gizoid Guardian x2
This battle starts in chasing mode, the fight will begin once you have caught
the enemies. Lets Big to handle the Imperator Ix. Use his Lure Whip to stun him
as soon as possible. In the next round after stunning, send him Poison as well
with Froggy Poison. Perform the Lure Whip again whenever he's awaken from the
Sleep, if you always did the command right, the Imperator Ix will become almost
useless in the battle. As for the Gizoid Gaurdians, hit them by using Sonic or
other character with high attack power. Cream works as supporter to restore HP
and PP as always.

BOSS: Imperator Ix
Final battle. This just only challenges your command input skill. Battle starts
with Imperator Ix moves, you need to input the command correctly like common
battles in the game to reduce amount of damage. Until your turn, do the same
thing to deal more damage to the boss. If you get it perfectly, straighaway
you will beat the boss.

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