Jan 8, 2009

Resident Evil 5 (Biohazard 5) Bundle details announced!

As expected, Capcom would release something specials for this great looking title, Resident Evil 5 (known as Biohazard 5 in Japan). And now, the console bundles are announced, here's the details of both PS3 and Xbox 360 bundle package.

ItemPLAYSTATION3 バイオハザード5 プレミアム リミテッド BOX
(Biohazard 5 Premium Limited)
Price48,980 Yen
Date3/5/2009 (M/D/Y)
Package Content
PLAYSTATION3 Biohazard 5 Special Edition x1
Power Cord x1
AV Cable x1
USB Cable x1
Wireless Controller (DUALSHOCK 3) x2
PLAYSTATION3 Software [Biohazard 5] x1

ItemXbox 360 Biohazard Premium Pack
PublisherCapcom, Microsoft
Price34,800 Yen
Date3/5/2009 (M/D/Y)
Package Content
Xbox 360 Console x1
Xbox 360 Hard Disk(60GB)x1
Xbox 360 Wireless Controller x1
Xbox 360 Media Remote Control x1
Xbox 360 HD AV Cable x1
LAN Cable x1
AC Adapter x1
Instruction Guide x1
Dry Cell? x4
Xbox 360 Headset x1
Xbox 360 『Biohazard 5 Deluxe Edition』
・[Biohazard 5] Game soft x1
・[Biohazard 5] Selection Track (Sound CD) x1
・Xbox LIVE 48 Hours Trial Gold Member Shop Card x1
[Biohazard 5] Premium Theme Code? x1

Source from Capcom Biohazard 5 Topic
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Berserker said...

*claws at the screen*

Want! Do want! Must HORDE EVERYTHING RE!

I don't really understand why the Xbox 360 bundle doesn't have some sort of RE5 logo or something on the console. At least the PS3 has a Tricell etching.

By the way, have you managed to get the Xbox 360 demo off the JPN marketplace yet?

I appreciate the linkage. :D

sephirosuy said...

Oops, just saw the demo already released in the earlier of Dec 08, I have had a busy month and as you might noticed I seldom update my blog recently :p so now I'm totally outdated LOL I hope your "clawed screen" still able to display something ^_^

Berserker said...

No worries. I use a screen protector on my monitor. Can't be too careful with my random outbreaks.

Regardless of updates, you maintain a really good blog! :D

I actually made up a JPN Xbox LIVE account to get that Biohazard 5 demo. Microsoft started to kick US demo players offline while playing it a few days after it was released and have actually gone as far as to corrupt the actual demo data on your hard drive if you try to play it online - again, this is all for players outside of Japan.

The only way for gamers outside of Japan to get it now is to burn it to a CD or DVD and play it offline. Capcom says that areas outside of Japan are supposed to get the RE5 demo in "early 2009".

Hopefully, I'll be able to play it online with you eventually. :D

-ZeronE- said...

OMG this bundle sell in Japan not for NA!? no news from our capcom US >:(((

Berserker said...

I really doubt we'll get any type of system bundle over here, but you never know, MGS4 spawned one for PS3.

By the way, Seph, congrats on being one of the winners for the November 2008 FAQ of the Month on GameFAQs!



sephirosuy said...

Wow... I won it!? I thought it was nearly hopeless to win it with my bad writing skill :p

But I've no idea how long to get this price since I still haven't received any news from my FAQ bounty that's submitted in the OCT 2008 :(

For the RE bundle, I think Capcom US would make something different with the JPN package, but as mentioned, no news from Capcom US yet, just my guess.

Berserker said...

What's this bad writing skill I hear about. Surely you kid? :p

I still haven't received my October 2008 FAQ of the Month prize, so I wouldn't worry about your prize for the same month that much. They're just a little slow with the holiday rush ending.

I actually sent GameFAQs a message about mine for October but the person mentioned the holidays and they would get to it soon. It's been around a month since then however. :\

sephirosuy said...

I wonder recently how long did you get the email notification hence you won the FotM? I read from the forum people saying sometime it will take up to half year to manage it, well that's very bad ya..?

Berserker said...

I didn't get any type of confimation. I just looked at the list of winners and noticed my username on there.

In the past it has taken quite some time to get some of the gift certificates. It was around half a year like you said. The last few gift certificates that I received were emailed quick, but this recent October one is taking long once again like they used to a while back. :(