Jan 20, 2009

FF VII AC Complete release date confirmed!

Final Fantasy VII: Advent Children Complete (blu-ray) finally has a release date from Square Enix, as well as other editions have been announced too. The images below are for the PS3 "Cloud Black" 160GB Special Edition.

There are 3 editions as listed below:

1. With PS3 "Cloud Black" 160G HDD Special + [Final Fantasy XIII Trial] (48,990 yen)

2. With [Final Fantasy XIII Trial] (5,900 yen)

3. Normal edition (4,900 yen)

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Berserker said...

Very nice. I'm not a real big fan of FFVII, but I really, really enjoyed Advent Children quite a bit back when it was first released. It would be quite awesome to have it on Blu-Ray.

Do you have info about the extras that the Blu-Ray version contains? Anything different?

The Japanese page you linked to might answer my question, but I can't read Japanese. :p

sephirosuy said...

What I can read from that site are:
- 126 minutes CG movie (original 90 minutes something?)
- With English voice
- 16:9 screen, dolby True HD
- OVA? and trailer/extra scene

Additionally, some texture/graphic got enhancement, example when Cloud in the final battle, his face contains some dust (there's more than that of cause).

That's all I know :p

Berserker said...

Hmmm. Sounds good. I never did get a version with the OVA included. I've heard it's not that great, but it would still be good to have it.

I'm really more interested in just getting the movie in a Blu-ray format. Advent Children is a very rewatchable movie if you ask me, much like RE: Degeneration.

Anonymous said...

ehhh it was March 2009 hahaha! SE delay it again, SE really like to delay their titles