Jan 7, 2009

FFCC: Echoes of Time - Materials

I sort according to the list in the gameplay, you can press "CTRL" + "F" keys to search it easier.

NameFound / Enemy Drops Rarity
Copper Shard Shop, Goblin (Forest) *
CopperCreate with scroll, Goblin (Forest) **
Iron Shard Shop, Ahriman (Ice Mountain) *
IronCreate with scroll, Ahriman (Ice Mountain) **
Silver Shard Shop, Goblin (Aqueducts) *
SilverCreate with scroll, Goblin (Aqueducts)**
Black Silver Create with scroll***
White Silver Create with scroll***
Gold Shard Shop, Spikes (Library) **
GoldCreate with scroll, Spikes (Library) ***
SteelLizardman (Aqueducts/Ruins) ***
Black Gold Create with scroll*****
PlatinumCreate with scroll*****
Mythril Shard Goblin (Aqueducts) ***
MytrilCreate with scroll****
OrichalcumCreate with scroll*****
AbyssianCreate with scroll*****
AdamantiteCreate with scroll, River Belle boss VH, final boss VH *****
UltimiteRoF final boss H (Library), Adamantoise H *****
SilkCreate with scroll, Rewards from quests***
LeatherCreate with scroll, Rewards from quests***
Fine Silk Create with scroll, Rewards from quests***
Fine Leather Create with scroll, Rewards from quests***
Iron Silk Create with scroll****
Mythril Silk Create with scroll*****
Ultima Silk Create with scroll*****
Mu Parchment Create with scroll, Rewards from quests***
Tree Branch Shop, Mu (Forest) *
Oak Branch Shop, Mu (Forest) *
Yew Branch Mu***
Yellow Feather Chimera (Aqueducts) *****
Moogle Plant Shop, Seedsplitter (Forest, Graveyard) *
Phoenix Down Rewards from quests*****
Red Fay Dust Shop, Mini Mover*
Blue Fay Dust Shop, Mini Mover*
Yellow Fay Dust Shop, Mini Mover*
Green Fay Dust Shop, Mini Mover*
White Dust Final boss minions*
Dark Dust *
Seraph Dust Create with scroll****
Sulfur Dust Create with scroll****
Red Stone Shop*
Blue Stone Shop*
Yellow Stone Shop*
Red Orb Create with scroll****
Blue Orb Create with scroll****
Yellow Orb Create with scroll****
Green Orb Treasure chest? ****
Holy Orb Create with scroll****
Dark Orb Create with scroll****
Old Sword River Belle boss *****
Mu Nose Mu (Forest) **
Mu Fur Mu (Forest) *
BoneSkeleton (Aqueducts) ****
SkullSkeleton (Aqueducts) ****
Stained Bone Skeleton (Graveyard) ****
Lizard Crest Lizardman (Aquadust) ****
Lizard Scale Lizardman (Aquadust) ****
Sahagin Fin Sahagin (Ice Mountain) ***
Stained Fin Sahagin (Ice Mountain) ***
Bomb's Soul Bomb (Ice Mountain) ***
Odd Angled Eye Bat (Forest) ***
Honey Acid Cloud Bee ****
Flan Goop Flan (Ice Mountain) ***
Tortoise Shell Spikes (Library) ***
Curious Petal Seedsplitter (Forest, Graveyard) ***
Unknown Seed Mandrake (Fire Mountain) ***
Sturdy Vine Mandrake (Fire Mountain)****
Chimera Blood Chimera (Aqueducts) **
Feline Spirit Chimera (Aqueducts) **
Cockatrice Feather Cockatrice (Ruins) **
Cockatrice Scale Cockatrice (Ruins) **
Black Feather Cockatrice (Graveyard)***
Mimic Slough Mimic***
Mimic Talon Mimic***
Adaman ShellAdamantoise (Fire Mountain)***
Adaman Tusk Adamantoise (Fire Mountain)***
Elemental Gem Elemental (Aqueducts) ***
Magic Vase Shard Magic Pot ****
Alchemy Core Golem (Library) *
One-Eye Wing Ahriman (Ice Mountain) ***
Big One-Eye Ahriman (Ice Mountain) ****
Little Thorn Mini Mover (Forest) *
Grain of Light Mini Mover (Forest) *
Jellyfish Bonbon Electric Jellyfish (Aqueducts) ***
Protective Shell Forest boss - Guardian **
Defense Propeller **
Buffasaur Shell Aqueducts boss - Buffasaur **
Buffasaur Horn **
Giant Toad Meat Ice Mountain boss - Giant Toad **
Giant Toad Tongue **
Lava Spider Scale Fire Mountain boss - Lava Spider **
Lava Spider Claw **
Bookcase Splinter Library boss - Bookcase **
Pink Book **
Veriaul Alloy Ruins boss - Deathgaze **
Veriaul Battery **
Giant Lizard hide Mine boss - Giant Lizard **
Giant Lizard Floater **
Mage's Gravepost Graveyard boss - Undead Seraph***
Magician's Soul **
Machine Casing Gate boss - Death Machine**
Machine Cylinder **
Lens Shard Library boss - Larkeicus **
Homunculus CoreFinal boss, River Belle boss H, RoF final boss H (Library) **
Yesteryear Watch Final boss ****
Scorpion Shell RoF boss - Scorpion (Library) **
Scorpion Eye ****
Behemoth Horn RoF boss - Behemoth (Library) **
Behemoth Claw **
Garuda Feather RoF boss - Garuda (Library) ***
Garuda Talon ***
Magic Stone Bat (Ice Mountain) *
Magic Sphere
Carniflower Seed RoF boss - Carniflower (Library) ***
Carniflower Fluid ***
Ancient Scale
Executioner Mask RoF boss - Dragon (Library) ***
Dragon Horn ***
Dragon Scale ***
Old Hellish Iron RoF boss - Death Lich (Library) ***
Bloodied Rag*****
Secret Scroll RoF boss - Cu Chaspel (Library) ***
Great memory Treasure chest?
Wandering Soul RoF final boss (Library) ***
Giant Crab Shell River Belle boss ***
Flame Fungus Goblin (Fire Mountain) ****
Soft Cell Seedsplitter (Forest, Graveyard) ****
Spark SporeMandrake (Forest, Graveyard) ****
Spin Amoeba Electric Jellyfish (Forest) ****

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Anonymous said...

Héy, cool site u got!
I need a Blue Orb..
How's that scroll called?

Sweepy said...

flame fungus can be dropped by fire flan as well, goblins are a little harder to find.

Anonymous said...

It's possible you can obtain ancient scales from one of the Ring Of Fates boss in the library.

As for the magical sphere, u can just get it in scrolls or in treasure chests like in fire mountain.

Anonymous said...

after looking at the descriptions for boss-exclusive items, I found that some bosses have different names than what you listed. These are the names I found:

Giant toad - Scale Toad
Bookcase - Libroarian
DeathGaze - Grim Gaze
Giant Lizard - Hecteyes
Undead Seraph- Undead Princess

You don't have to replace the names you used for these. This is just so you know what the game says they are.

sorry for the long comment.

Anonymous said...

adamantite ive also gotten from the riverbell boss on hard