Jan 8, 2009

FFCC: Echoes of Time - Quest List

CO-OP Quests

QuestReward (N) Reward (H/V) Condition/Unlock
Culinary Capers 1 SilkFine Leather Talk to the Chef in Town
Culinary Capers 2 Fruity Nugget Gil Mania Talk to the Chef in Town
after Fire Mountain
Culinary Capers 3 Fine Silk Holy Orb Talk to the Chef in Town
after Ice Mountain
Culinary Capers 4 Ki Gem SportswearTalk to the Chef in Town
after the Tower/ending
Treasure Hunt! 1 Steel Corslet Mu ParchmentTalk to the Moogle in Forest
Treasure Hunt! 2 Ninja Headgear Ishtar's Head Talk to the Moogle in Ice Mountain
Materials Hunt! Bomb Mask Lucky Sling Clear Graveyard, talk to the soldier in Town (bench). Check the board in Ruins
Monster Mash 1 LeatherFine Leather The board in Aqueducts
Monster Mash 2 Scuba Gear OrichalcumTalk to the Mecenary in Library
Monster Mash 3 Clay Doll Armor Hairpin of Affection Clear Monster Mash 2, talk to the soldier in Aqueducts
Fake Fight Frenzy 1 CopperFine Silk Clear Aqueducts stage
Fake Fight Frenzy 2 Mu Parchment Fairytale Frock Clear Fake Fight Frenzy 1
Clear Library stage
Fake Fight Frenzy 3 Seraph Dust Holy Orb Clear Fake Fight Frenzy 2
Clear Forest 2 stage
Fire Fighters 1 PotFine Silk default
Fire Fighters 2 Fruity Nugget Gil Mania Clear Fire Fighters 1
Clear Library stage
Fire Fighters 3 GoldRed Orb Clear Fire Fighters 2
Clear Ruins 2 stage
Fire Fighters 4 Black Silver OrichalcumClear Fire Fighters 3
Clear Forest 2 stage
Fragile! 1 Bamboo Sword Iron Silk The board in Aqueducts 2
Fragile! 2 VegetariumFairytale Hat The board in Fire Mountain 2
Fragile! 3 Sulfur Dust AbyssianThe board in Mine
Hunt the Hidden 1 SilkYew Branch The board in Ice Mountain
Hunt the Hidden 2 Scuba Mask Dark Orb The board in Graveyard
Area 051X IronIron Silk Clear Ice Mountain stage
Area 151X IronSeraph Silk Clear Ruins stage
Area 251X Sulfur Dust Sulfur Dust Clear Graveyard stage
Bring the Cows
Home 1
Hero Mask Beast Sallet The board in Fire Mountain
Bring the Cows
Home 2
Seraph Dust SunglassesThe board in Mine
when Gate is unlocked
Bring the Cows
Home 3
Sniper Eye Monster Mask The board in Gate
Lotsa Bosses IronKo Gem Clear Ruins stage
Even More Bosses Ki Gem ShisuiClear Mine stage
Biggest Baddest Bosses Mage Mail Ultima Silk Clear Tower stage
Invisible Stalkers 1 Ninja Getup Bushido Sword Talk to the soldier in the Ruins
Invisible Stalkers 2 PlatinumRoyal Armor Clear 50% quests
talk to the soldier at the Gate
after the Tower/ending
Monster Collector 1 Ki Gem MythrilTalk to the soldier in Ice Mountain 2 when Graveyard is unlocked
Monster Collector 2 Black Silver Mythril Silk Clear the Monster Collector 1, talk to the soldier in Fire mountain and bring him Flame Fungus
Monster Collector 3 Black Gold Holy Orb After Graveyard, talk to the soldier in Forest bring him Soft Cell, Spin Amoeba, and Shock Spore
Monster Collector 4 Clay Doll Helm Creepy Costume Clear Monster Collector 3
Clear Tower stage
Talk to the soldier in the Mine

VS Quests

QuestReward (N) Reward (H/V) Condition/Unlock
Smash-O-Rama 1 SilkSeraph Dust default
Smash-O-Rama 2 Copper Sulfur Dust Clear Smash-O-Rama 1
When Ice Mountain is unlocked
Smash-O-Rama 3 Silk Holy Orb Clear Smash-O-Rama 2
Clear Forest 2 stage
Smash-O-Rama 4 Seraph Dust AbyssianClear Smash-O-Rama 3
Clear the Gate stage
Smash-O-Rama 5 Platinum AbyssianClear Smash-O-Rama 4
Clear the Tower
Starfest Counting Song 1 LeatherSulfur Dust default
Starfest Counting Song 2 IronIron Silk Clear Starfesst Counting Song 1
Clear Ruins stage
Starfest Counting Song 3 Sulfur Dust OrichalcumClear Starfesst Counting Song 2
Clear the Gate stage
Carry Tag 1 Copper Seraph Dust When Ice Mountain is unlocked
Carry Tag 2 LeatherBlack Gold Clear Carry Tag 1
Clear Library stage
Carry Tag 3 Black Gold Dark Orb Clear Carry Tag 2
Clear Graveyard stage
Barrel Battle 1 IronBlack Gold Clear Ice Mountain stage
Barrel Battle 2 SilverSeraph Dust Clear Barrel Battle 1
Clear Forest 2 stage
Barrel Battle 3 PlatinumDark Orb Clear Barrel Battle 2
When Tower is unlocked
Forgot the Fakes 1 Iron Fine Silk Clear Fire Mountain stage
Forgot the Fakes 2 GoldMythril Silk Clear Forgot the Fakes 1
Clear Forest 2 stage
Forgot the Fakes 3 Seraph Dust Holy Orb Clear Forgot the Fakes 2
Clear Mine stage
Switches Galorific 1 SilkFine Leather Clear Fire Mountain stage
Switches Galorific 2 GoldMythril Silk Clear Switches Galorific 1
Clear Forest 2 stage
Switches Galorific 3 Seraph Dust AbyssianClear Switches Galorific 3
Clear Tower stage
Whirlpolo 1 LeatherBlack Silver Clear Fire Mountain stage
Whirlpolo 2 Black Gold Dark Orb Clear Whirlpolo 1
Clear Mine stage
Whirlpolo 3 PlatinumHoly Orb Clear Whirlpolo 2
When Tower is unlocked
Balloon Boppers 1 SilkPlatinum Clear Library stage
Balloon Boppers 2 Black Silver MythrilClear Balloon Boppers 1
Clear Forest 2 stage
Balloon Boppers 3Seraph Dust Holy Orb Clear Balloon Boppers 2
When Gate/Bridge is unlocked
Gladiators 1 Mu Parchment Seraph Dust Clear Library stage
Gladiators 2 Gold Phoenix Down Clear Gladiators 1
Clear Forest 2 stage
Gladiators 3 Sulfur Dust Orichalcum Clear Gladiators 2
Clear Tower stage

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Anonymous said...

Your guide says Fragile 2 is in Fire Mountain 2, but it's actually in Ice Mountain 2.

sephirosuy said...

Thanks alot, have fixed it.

Anonymous said...

Would it be possible to also post dropped scrolls from each mission/difficulty here so it's all on one page rather than scattered across several? Or maybe have a separate chart set aside for that?

RichardSTF said...

The condition to Treasure Hunt! 1 is talking to the moogle in the forest (not sure about time period):D .

lordliscel said...

Im pretty sure i got "Fragile 1" b4 Aqueduct 2. Its the sign post below the chest in that room where u get locked up and is divided into 3-4 cages that can only be opened thru casting certain spell on those "orb" thingies.

Wilco said...

You get monster mash by talking the hall monitor in library one after u have the whole library completed

wilco said...

monster mash 2*

Anonymous said...

How do u get Monster Collector 4?

Anonymous said...

Monster Collector 4 is found in the Mine, in the room with a wall that you can blow up to find a boost of some sort. It's the room with a yellow Ahriman carrying an explosive barrel. I think you need to beat the game or at least get close to beating it to make the guard appear. You may have to beat the other three collecting quests; I'm not sure.

Anonymous said...

Excuse me but how do you get Monster Mash 3?

Anonymous said...

For Monster Mash 3, you have to find a soldier at aqueducts, he's at where you find the boss key at aqueducts 1. You need to finish the game and finish Monster Mash 2 to find the soldier. (Difficult and recruitment of the nun might affect, but I'm not sure yet)

Anonymous said...

to get monster mash three you have to friend the nun first!

Anonymous said...

wilco said that: "You get monster mash by talking the hall monitor in library one after u have the whole library completed". I search the mercenary in library but i never found him/her! How can i found the mercenary? When i walk in the hall, which door i need to take to find her/him?

Pagz said...

The first door in the library will have the merc, just keep going until you see her.

Anonymous said...

To get Monster Collector 4 you need to speak with the guard in the mine.
But that guard is well hidden.

It's the room with the yellow Ahriman with the bomb-barrel hat as mentioned before.
You enter the room from the upper door and the Ahriman appears.
Take the barrel to the breakable wall to the NW. Jump on top of it, jump to the top of the block before you.

And there's your guard. Hard to spot unless you know where he is.
Just on top of the cave holding that "Time-Resistance Ribbon"

Justin said...

I can't get the invisible Stalkers 2 quest... I have over 50% of the quests done and I beat the game, then I went to talk to the NPC at the gate and all he says is bluber gurgle. Any ideas????

Anonymous said...

i cant find the board in the mine to get fragile 3, can someone help me?

Anonymous said...

how do i get a "easy quest"(with one star) to a "hard quest"(2 stars) i have made it to hard mode, and some quests are still easy (with 1 star)

Kreg said...

Justin, your talking to the guy that hugs the staff search around for the gaurd

Beat the quest to upgrade it to a hard quest

Anonymous said...


The NPC @ the gate is just some poor kid you pulled a prank on. When the person who wrote this article said 'gate', he meant the bridge that leads to the tower. He is in a silver/white/blue garb and hat.


Anonymous said...

How do you pass monster collection 4? The quest is just too hard to complete. Especially the part when you have to get that spike to the portal in the second room.

Anonymous said...

Where do you find the board in the mine for bring the cows home 2?

Anonymous said...

At the condition/unlock of Monster Collector 3, it says that you have to brong the soldier Soft Cell, Spin Amoeba, and Shock Spore, but that has to be Spark Spore instead of Shock Spore.

Travis said...

I'm a little confused with "Fake Fight Frenzy" quests, i hold the eye thing and they enemies (I'm guessing are the fakes) just explode. . . Tips? Please?

Anonymous said...

I'm at the end of Normal mode just getting all the scroll's you can only get on it. and just noticed that my "Monster Collector 4" is gone. I tried going back to the mine and see if the Soldier was there but he isn't. anyway i can get it back?

Travis said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Mr.fluffywizard said...

for monster collector 4 i dont have a clue. i beat the game trying to get all scrolls and i cant find the soldier in the mine. Im going to try starting over story mode and see if you have to get it before you beat the game.

Travis said...

Well I finished the game in every mode (difficulty) then did the quests. If it is gone then I would try to start a new story.

Anonymous said...

Your guide says Treasure Hunt! 2 is in Ice Mountain, but it's actually in Ice Mountain 2 ;D

Anonymous said...

i can't find the board for the hunt the hidden 2. Can someone please help me