Sep 10, 2009

Final Fantasy XIII release date and another drink, Elixir!

(September 8, 2009 in Tokyo, Square Enix put together a private press event known simply as the Final Fantasy XIII Premiere Party. Focused almost entirely on the upcoming RPG that will usher the legendary franchise onto current-gen consoles, the event was a somewhat unusual mix of a standard press conference and a launch party. Several stage presentations (hosted by TV personality Mona Yamamoto) were given to announce some major news regarding the game, while playable demos were available off to the sides for attendees to enjoy.

Game Release Date
Square Enix officially announced the Japanese version of Final Fantasy XIII will hit the PS3 on December 17, 2009! Check the FFXIII official site for more details and future updates.

PS3 Bundle
Kaz Hirai made a brief appearance in order to comment on the recent successes of the Final Fantasy games on the PlayStation family of platforms. His presence also corresponded with the announcement of a new PS3 bundle, which will include a copy of the game. This is the only detail available right now, as pricing and launch dates were not discussed. This is not confirmed for a U.S. launch, but a western version of the bundle seems plausible.

Final Fantasy XIII Elixir
While not entirely videogame related, Square Enix took this opportunity to unveil the Final Fantasy XIII branded elixir, which was served at the party to the sea of eager Japanese press and the occasionally befuddled U.S. journalist (see: Clements). The elixir is scheduled for launch this winter in Japan and the logo for the drink marks one of the first times the font for the words "Final Fantasy" was allowed to be changed.

More details of FF events from Ryan Clements' blog

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Source from Square Enix and IGN

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