Sep 23, 2009

Resident Evil 4 Mobile Edition - Coin Shooting

This mini game will be unlocked after successfully completed the story mode once. Here's the walkthrough together with screenshots based on my way to allocate all coins in the map.

The first coin is just behind your right side at the beginning point,
aim on top of the gate.

Go forward and tight to the right side to find the second coin at wooden
fence area.

Move to the left part, there's one hanging at the first house.

At the same house with the coin above, aim to the rooftop.

Get to the back of the first house on the left, there's one at the fence.

Turn right from the place you spot the coin above can find one hanging at
the awning between the houses.

Still at the same place as the coin above, aim at the upper part of the house.

Move cross the second house (double storey) through the back path and turn
right to find another coin at the corner.

From above location, stick to the left path and go forward can find the next
coin hanging at the wooden fence.

Now you should be crossing to the other side of the map. Now aim to the top
of the Insignia building at the middle can find another coin.

At the empty area of the middle, face back to the double storey house to
locate the coin hanging at the rooftop.

Right side, there's one found at the small shack beside the Ingisnia building.

Through the path near the Insignia building, pay attention on the left where
you can find one more coin behind the wooden fence.

Now through the back path of the right house (base on the direction from the
beginning area), you can find another coin hanging at one of the houses.

Right after the coin above, move forward (which is the way back to the
beginning area), check out the final coin behind the wooden fence.

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