Sep 23, 2009

Resident Evil 4 Mobile Edition - Introductions

Game Description:

Resident Evil 4 marks a new chapter in the Resident Evil series. You'll
rejoin Leon S. Kennedy six years after his first mission as a rookie cop
from Resident Evil 2. Now a US agent, Leon is on a top secret mission to
investigate the disappearance of the president's daughter. As Leon, you
must make your way to a mysterious location in Europe, where new enemies
await. Take them down by using enhanced aim-and-shoot features and a new
action button.


~Cinematic views and intense combat.
3rd person perspective camera immerses you in the action with a panoramic
wide-screen view and frenetic action.

~Location based damage for more strategic combat.
Use Resident Evil 4's intuitive aiming system to blast enemies apart with
laser precision. Location based damage means where you aim is what you hit.
Shot enemies in the legs to slow them down or in the head for a quick kill.

~Perform complicated actions with a touch of the screen.
Context sensitive controls pop up as need allowing you to perform complex
actions with a tap of the button. Climb ladders, equip binoculars and jump
out windows with a press of an icon.

~Inventory upgrades.
Use in-game money to purchase and upgrade weapons from the" Arms Merchant."
Increase the damage, reload time and capacity of your weapons and unleash
total devastation in battle. Money can be found when you defeat enemies or
from pawning in-game jewelry.

~Endless reliability with Mercenaries mode.
Play through "Scenario Mode" to unlock "Mercenary Mode," a separate mission
mode with pre-set goals, weapons and conditions. Both modes can be replayed
over and over.

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Anonymous said...

Thanks for all the help! This game gets tricky.... Can you post a tip on mercenaries mission "Homegrown"? I'm stuck on it.