Sep 23, 2009

Resident Evil 4 Mobile Edition - Story Mode

1: Bloodthirsty

"The nightmare begins! Leon,
ifiltrating the village,
takes on the Ganados!"

First of all, go to the left side, raise and climb up the ladder, there's
a Shotgun on top of there. Take down certain amount of enemies to spawn the
chainsaw man, the chainsaw attack is instant dead move, defeat him with the
Shotgun would be easier. After that, survive for a short while to complete
this mission.

Treasure: Spinel, Pocket Watch (dirty), Ruby (dropped by chainsaw man)


2: Luis Sera

"Leon, captured and taken
to a secure valley, meets
Luis for the first time."

Run down the path and move left, climb up to the rooftop to and obtain a half
of the Hexagon in the box. Move to right side and obtain another half of the
Hexagon which is inside the box near the red barrel. After all, combine the
Hexagon (under the menu, slide the top bar to switch to the key item screen)
and then use it to unlock the door. In order to fight the chainsaw man, you
need to defeat certain amount of enemies (Professional or harder mode).

Treasure: Antique Pipe, Spinel, Ruby (dropped by chainsaw man)


3. Las Plagas

"Leon's body starts to writhe
in pain as the Plaga
parasite begins to grow."

Never ever stand close to the enemy with Plaga (on the head), you can shoot
on the Plaga to stun him and then kick him down. If you want to defeat them,
always shoot on the Plaga to avoid wasting ammo, or just throw a Flash Grenade.
Proceed to the end and climb the rope to end this.

Treasure: Mask with divots, Spinel


4: The Giant's Den

"Leon falls into a trap in
the quarry as the terrifying
El Gigante lumbers forth!"

El Gigante's attacks are very slow, just make sure you press the dodge command
at the right time and don't get too close to him. Shooting to the head is the
most effective way to stun the El Gigante. After stunning a few time, the Plaga
will appear on his back, either climb and cut it or use Shotgun to deal great
damage to the Plaga. Becareful once you defeat him, don't let him fall on Leon!

Treasure: Green Gem, Spinel


5: Rescue Ashley

"Leon infiltrates the church
successfully. Where could
they be hodling Ashley...?"

Go right and get the Hand Grenade in the box. Kill the enemies for the
Insignia Key. Once you climb the ladder on the left, the enemies at the bottom
will not chasing you anymore, you can throw the Hand Grenade from upstairs to
kill all of them in once. After getting the Insignia Key, unlock the room on
upstairs to rescue Ashley. Now more enemies will be spawned, most of them are
on the bottom area. Defeat all of them and then bring Ashley to the exit.

Treasure: 5 Pearl Bangle, Spinel


6: Siege Campaign

"The villagers start to
encircle the small house
Leon is in."

You are in the cabin, and you have to survive for around 4 minutes. The best
place to stay is the corner of the top floor where you can see the stairs.
To slow down the enemies wave, keep knock down the ladder on the top floor.
But if you want to get better ranking, you have to kill as many enemies as
you can.

Treasure: Spinel, Purple Gem


7: To The Castle Gate

"Leon flees into the old
castle, but is what awaits
him there a worse fate?"

Buy a Rifle for this stage. If you run out of PTAS, go earn some from the
Mercenary Mode. Defeat the first enemy at the beginning. Once triggered the
fireball attackers, tell Ashley to wait at a safe place for a moment, now run
until you reach to the staircase. Call Ashley to follow and then tell her to
wait at the staircase.

Now slowly go up the stairs and shoot down the enemy who's throw the fireball.
Afterwards, you can spot the rest on top of the left wall from the stairs.
Always get back and check whether Ashley is safe because some enemies will
spawn from the back after a moment. After you bring down all the fireball
throwers, check the cannon and let Ashley helps operate it. Now defense
against the enemies until Ashley is done.

Treasure: Velvet Blue, Red Gem


8: The Blind Weapon

"As Leon searches for a way
out of the castle, the Iron
guard, Garrador, appears!"

Go forward and take the Prison Key. Unlock the prison room and command Ashley
to stay outside. Go down to fight with the Garrador. Garrador will attack the
area where you made voice like shooting or running. So lure him make an attack
and shoot his Plaga on his back after you avoid his move.

After defeating Garrador, pull the switch in the cell and then head up stairs,
now some enemies will appear from the way you got the Prison Key just now.
Further more, you will face the enemies who use the crossbow, shoot them
before they release the bow. Proceed to the end to finish this.

Treasure: Velvet Blue, Amber Ring


9: Dual Gatekeepers

"Standing between Ashley
and Leon is not one,
but two Garradors!"

Immediately get rid of the enemies before the two Garradors notice your
location. While fighting with them, try no step on the stairs because this
will spawn more enemies to join up with the Garradors. This is not the time
to save ammo, so use your strongest weapon when you have the chance to shoot
the Plaga on the Garradors. Do remember there are some more enemies will
spawn when going up the stairs even after the Garradors are defeated.

Treasure: Velvet Blue x2, Gold Bangle (dropped by red clothes Zealots)


10: Reunion

"Leon has rescued Ashley.
However, she is recaptured
by the Ganados!"

Prepare some Flash Grenade and a Rifle for this stage, needless to say, Rifle
ammo is important too. Ashley is on the bottom floor, and you have to protect
her at the upper floor, so Rifle is the very useful weapon here. First wave
of the enemies shouldn't be a problem. Second wave and third wave will spawn
the Ganado with crossbow, so shoot him down as soon as possible. Kill the
Ganado in red clothes will get Ashley the key which is the objective for
this moment. Throw a Flash Grenade if the situation getting nasty.

After that, Ashley will join up with Leon. Now some crossbow Ganados and
shielded Ganados will appear around, and you have to get to the exit. If
you don't want to fight all of them, throw a Flash Grenade to blind the
crossbow Ganados, stun the shielded Ganados with Magnum or Shotgun and
then run pass them, rush to the exit as fast as you can.

There's a sparking treasure just on top of the beginning area (ceiling),
shoot it down for the Crown with divots, which can combine with another
treasure called Crown Jewel (obtain in 12: The Strongest Assassin).

Treasure: Crown with divots, Velvet Blue


11: The Furnace

"A trap set for Leon pits
him up against a true
nightmare: Two El Gigantes!"

Pull the lever at left from the starting point to drop an El Gigantes to
when he reaches to the middle of the furnace. Now face the remaining Gigante.
Likewise, lure him attack and then shoot his face until the Plaga appear, hit
the Plaga until he's down. Needless to say, don't let the El Gigante falls on
Leon at the end.

Treasure: Royal Insignia, Velvet Blue


12: The Strongest Assassin

"Awaiting Leon as he arrives
at the old water canal is
the deadly assassin, Verdugo!"

Purchase a Rocket Launcher or some Hand Grenades if you want this to be easy.
Run to the last room and activate the electricity unit, then check the exit
of the room, Verdugo will appear. You need to use the nitrogen cyliner to
freeze him so you can hit him easier. Hand Grenade or Rocket Launcher does
good damage. If you decided to run, you have to survive for 4 minutes and
take the elevator in the middle room. If you defeat Verdugo, elevator will
reach immediately, and you will obtain Crown Jewel dropped by Verdugo.

If you got the "Crown with divots" treasure in 10: Reunion, you can combine
it with this Crown Jewel to sell at higher price.

Treasure: Velvet Blue x2, Crown Jewel


13: Ascent

"Zealots attack Leon in an
effort to stop him from
reaching the top of the tower!"

Prepare some Flash or Hand Grenades because late of the stage the enemies will
spawn more and more, and you need to kill all of them.

Treasure: Elegant Headdress, Emerald


14: Strange Castellan

"At the tower's spira, Leon
and Salazar face off! Who
will be the victor"

Do expect you need quite a lot ammo for this fight. To make a real damage to
Salazar, you have to shoot his moving tentacle's eye until it falls. Shoot
Salazar's body with the strongest weapon you have before the tentacle has
recover. Make sure you change your position when you see the tentacle open
up its mouth! Besides this, he has another move is slamming the ground with
the tentacle, just simple stay in the middle to avoid it (the place where you
came in. Two side tentacles will only attack when you run close to them, and
their move can be dodge by pressing the "Dodge" button. Top right of the roon
can spot a shiny object which is Illuminados Pendant, and you are able to shoot
it at the middle area.

Once Salazar is defeated, quickly jump down to get your reward!

Treasure: Illuminados Pendant, Emerald


15: Landfall

"Leon heads to the island to
find Ashley, in a marine
stronghold under heavy guard."

Run around and defeat all enemies. The gatling gun soldier will show up later.
Get the key from the galting gun soldier by defeating him, then proceed to the
locked door to end this. The upstairs part near the beginning area can find
a Butterfly Lamp treasure, this item can be combined with three other
treasures found in the following chapters.

Treasure: Emerald, Buttefly Lamp


16: Guards!

"Leon infiltrates the island
facility, and sets out to
find Ashley."

Go forward until you see some enemies, lure them to the passage where you came,
so you can shoot them easier. Head to the last room to trigger an event with
Ashley, then take the other door that's near. Proceed to the end and kill the
galting gun soldier to obtain Storage Room Card Key. Now go back and rescue
Ashley. Bring Ashley back to the beginning point. You can command Ashley wait
in the storage room while you go out clear the enemies. In the storage room,
you can also find the Green Eye treasure as well, it can be merged with
Buttlefly Lamp together with two other treasures found in the following

Treasure: Emerald, Green Eye


17: Wasted

"Leon and Ashley take cover
in the underground garbage
chute, only to find a new
threat, the Regenerator!"

Prepare some Rifle ammo and free out 17 slot of your Attache Case.

Operate the switch to unlock the gate. A Regenerator will appear behind you.
Quickly get pass the first gate and pull the switch at the other side to
lock the Regenerator. Now you can shoot the red barrel to knock down the
Regenerator, it won't die like that, but just to delay its pursuit.

After pass the second gate, run left and break the box at the right which
contains a P.M. Rifle sizes 17 slot of your Attache Case, you must take it.
Now move to the left corner and pull the last switch. Prepare to fight some
Regenerators. All you need to do is, use the P.M. Rifle and shoot the red
things inside the Regenerator's body. The best place to fight them is the
dead end where the last switch is. Keep Ashley stay behind you will do.

Once you clear the enemies, proceed to the right path (from the last switch
direction) and the exit point is in the end. On top of the gate before the
exit can find a Red Eye treasure which can be merged with Butterfly Lamp.

Treasure: Emerald, Red Eye


18: Basement Passage

"The powerful Regenerator has
made a home in maze-like
underground passages."

Beware when you heard the voice from Regenerator, probably you will see it
once you open the door or shutter. Check the map, make your way to the left
part of the map (you begin on the right part). When you reach to the bottom
of the map, you can see a door with red light lock, that is the exit point
of the stage, but you need the key to unlock it.

Continue to the top left area, the Basement Passage Key is just lying on
the ground. Please take note that a Regenerator will appear behind you once
you pick up the key, kill it to obtain the Blue Eye, which can be merged with
Butterfly Lamp. Another one will spawn at the exit point. Just kill
it if needed.

Treasure: Blue Eye (dropped by Regenerator)


19: U-3

"Leon is trapped inside a
suspended container! Will he
be able to defeat the
fearsome U-3?"

Prepare more ammo for this fight, the boss is hard to die.

Read the map to find out the switches in each container. You need to operate
all switches (two in each container) and within 30 second you have to proceed
to the next container. U-3 will show up from time to time in the containers.
During the container fight, you won't able to kill U-3, so no need to spend
to many ammo if not necesssory.

First container, you can start with the left switch that's just behind.
Examine the first switch twice in order to operate it. After that, follow the
path pass the next corner and there's another switch.

Second container, go right from the middle path and settle the switch near the
container exit. Return back to middle junction and cross to the other opposite
side, and there's another switch. If U-3 is blocking, just avoid it since
there's another way from the beginning area.

Third container is harder, you need to draw your strong weapon or grenades
just in case you're forced into a dead end. A Golden Lynx appeared on top of
the door from second container, shoot it down at the beginning before U-3
comes out. Now move left (North part of map) and settle the switch over there,
the shutter near the switch will lock down, so you have to cross to the other
side (South part of the map) through the beginning point. After operating the
second switch, proceed to the path inside the container at the beginning
point to reach to the exit.

Note: Golden Lynx can combine with three other treasures that will be find
in the following chapters.

After escape from the containers, you you're going into the real battle.
Just follow the way here, and you will see U-3 again. There's a lot of space
to run around so keep the fight in a distance. Attack U-3 until it hide into
the ground, and then you have to dodge its attack by pressing the action
button. Sometime U-3's attack is and you might miss the dodge button, for
the Extreme mode, one cut for U-3 may kill Leon if you didn't keep is HP full,
the best way to make 99% success dodging U-3 attack from the ground, you can
try keep your finger pressing at the dodge button, sounds like this trick is
for beginner? But anyway, this trick helps me to beat Extreme mode without
losing HP. If you able to dodge well the fight should not be a problem.

Treasure: Golden Lynx, Emerald


20: The Price of Power

"Krauser, a former fellow
soldier who sought power to
change the world, and Leon
meet once again."

Another boss fight, Krauser. Most of his moves can be dodge by pressing the
action button, and the best time to attack him is the moment right after you
dodge his moves. Make any attacks for 3 second and then run away from him
because his swap is not dodge-able and he only will do this if you closed to
him. Stepping backward left or right is also a good way to evade his straight
attack, you just need to make sure nothing block your back.

After defeating Krauser, pick up the Red Stone of Faith which can be merged
with the Golden Lynx.

Treasure: Emerald, Red Stone of Faith (dropped by Krauser)


21: The Final Fortress

"The heavily guarded fortress
becomes the scene of an
intense battle! Is there any
hope of survival?"

You will be attacking by the gatling gun solders located at the higher area of
both side. Quickly hide yourself in the right corner. When the gatling guns
attack stopped, use your Rifle or other comfotable weapons to take them down
one by one. Make your way to the top part of each side and operate the switches
up there.

Once you have done, survive until the door is open, and you may end this by
reaching to the door. Meanwhile, you can find the Green Stone of Judgement
treasure located at the right side (North part of the map) under the building.
This treasure can be merged with the Golden Lynx.

Treasure: Emerald, Green Stone of Judgement


22: Throwdown

"A showdown with Lord Saddler
is imminent! It is kill or
be killed!"

Just run to the bridge, operate it by pulling the switch. Now stay at the
bridge, face to the boss. When the boss is close to you, move a bit backward
to avoid the possible attacks. By doing so, the boss will be lured to jump.
Now immediately run forward, but try don't step into the platform, means you
are still standing on the bridge. If you did this right, the boss will land
down in the same position before he jumps. Now step backward again and attack
him before he jumps again. Repeat the same thing to keep him jump and land at
the same position.

Knock him down by shooting his eyes, the eyes on the leg are easier. When he
falls, you can either attack him by climbing (action button) or shooting on
his main eye. On the harder difficulty mode his eyes won't grow back when
destoyed, so you have to shoot his main eye which could make him fall as well.
After you deal enough damage, you will see a message from Ada. Now run to the
other side of the platform (opposite of the beginning side), pick up the
Rocket Launcher and use it to kill the boss.

After you have done, pick up the thing dropped by the boss. A countdown will
begin, just proceed to the elevator near the beginning area to end this.

Treasure: Emerald, Blue Stone of Teason

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