Feb 11, 2011

Devil May Cry 4 refrain - Game Center Achievements

AchievementPtsUnlock Condition
Son of Sparda 20Unlock the ability to use Dante.
Modus Vivendi 50Extend Nero's vitality bar to the maximum level.
Modus Vivendi - Dante 50Extend Dante's vitality bar to the maximum level.
Skill Collector 50Acquire all of Nero's skills.
Skill Collector - Dante 50Acquire all of Dante's skills.
Anima Mercury 10Obtain Anima Mercury using Nero.
Rusalka Corpse 15Obtain Rusalka Corpse using Nero.
Sephirothic Fruit 20Obtain Sephirothic Fruit using Nero.
Wing Talisman 25Obtain Wing Talisman using Nero.
Yamato30Obtain Yamato using Nero.
Anima Mercury - Dante10Obtain Anima Mercury using Dante.
Rusalka Corpse - Dante15Obtain Rusalka Corpse using Dante.
Sephirothic Fruit - Dante20Obtain Sephirothic Fruit using Dante.
Wing Talisman - Dante25Obtain Wing Talisman using Dante.
Yamato - Dante30Obtain Yamato using Dante.
Half Way There 20Beat DEVIL HUNTER using Nero.
Covered in Blood 20Beat BLOODY PALACE using Nero.
Done and Dante 20Beat DEVIL HUNTER using Dante.
Covered in Blood - Dante 20Beat BLOODY PALACE using Dante.
Easier Said Than Done 50Defeat Nero's Doppelganger using Nero.
All Bow Before You 50Defeat Dante's Doppelganger using Dante.

*NOTE: To fight Doppelganger, you need Yamato to break the seal door in Mission 01.
Credit: Ian

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