Feb 10, 2011

Tons of discount for iPhone & iPad Games

Many great titles from the top video games company such as Namco, Capcom, Sega, EA, and Gameloft are just seilling at the minimum price $0.99! Some of those deals are coming to a close soon, so make with the digital purchasing if you're gaming on a budget. But, too bad Square-Enix is not joining to the list.


Namco not only has a Valentine's Day themed Pac-Man for sale, but plenty of arcade classics, remixes and iPhone originals for under a buck. These deals are good until February 15.


Tons of Sega Genesis games are priced right at 99 cents. While that may be very attractive, keep in mind that almost all are awkwardly played with an onscreen gamepad. Perhaps a purchase of ChuChu Rocket! or Super Monkey Ball 2 might be more prudent. Deals end on February 15.


Street Fighter IV for 99 cents? The new Devil May Cry iPad game for the same price. Yep!


Electronic Arts' iPhone and iPad deals are ending soon. This is a 48 hour sale and the window is almost closed! Don't miss your chance to buy a copy of NBA Elite 11 for 99 cents.


Like your iPhone games to remind you of other video games? Tons of Gameloft specialties are on sale!

Thanks Michael McWhertor posted this news on Kotaku

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