Mar 23, 2011

But Nippon Ichi’s First 3DS Title

Bikkuriman Kanjyuku Haoh

While NIS America is plugging away at Cave Story 3D, their parent company in Japan is developing Bikkuriman Kanjyuku Haoh, a game based on those stickers you get with Lotte's chocolate wafers. The Nintendo 3DS game is a tabletop style game where you combine kanji on the stickers to make words.

Bikkuriman Kanjyuku Haoh is slated for a summer release in Japan. A North American release has not been announced and given the kanji combining gameplay system I'd say it's unlikely.

In addition to Bikkuriman characters, a bunch of Disgaea characters are in the game too. Prinny, Flonne, and even Disgaea 4 star Valbatoze are confirmed for the Nintendo 3DS title.

Check out the original article for more screens and info:

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