Mar 24, 2011

My iOS games update 3/24/11

Angry Birds Rio is finally up on iTunes, according to many reviews from the users, there will be some ads in the game which ruins the quality of the game and made the game glitchy. Meanwhile, Devil May Cry 4 refrain has a new update, and it's now included the new battle stage, "Bloody Palace"! So I'm now leaving Angry Birds Rio for a moment and I'll stick on Devil May Cry and update my game guide for the necessary parts.

The Bloody Palace is a 51 stages arena, and each 10 stages will fall into a boss fight and the last stage will find your Doppelganger (Nero/Dante). You have to stay alive and defeat the enemies within time limit to proceed. The time limit will extend when you defeat an enemy, I think it depends on the style point as well. Clear the Bloody Palace will gain a lot of Proud Souls and your score will go to the Game Center leaderboard.

My GC ID: sephirosuy
Add me on Game Center if you would like to challenge my score :)

Check out my DMC4 refrain game guide/walkthrough here.

Additionally, Street Fighter IV has a new update as well.

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