Dec 16, 2012

Mega Man 25 year old birthday!

December 17, 1987 was the first Mega Man game released (namely "Rockman" in Japan). Today is exact date of the Mega Man's birthday, and it's 25th Anniversary! Capcom will release the Mega Man cross over with another 25th years game - Street Fighter by today.

Street Fighter X Mega Man game is based on Mega Man gameplay with all the Street Fighter character as the bosses. Watch the trailer below.

The game will be available for download here:
- English (US)
- Japanese


Capcom also offers Maga Man birthday sale for MEGA MAN X on iOS until 20th December 2012, the iOS game is now selling at $0.99. Visit iTunes here


Another Mega Man for iOS in Japan - Rockman Xover that was announced few months ago will be release by today as well, for this game so far is only for Japanese App Store.

Official Site here

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