Dec 17, 2012

Street Fighter X Mega Man tips

Like other Mega Man game, every boss in the main stage has its weakness. Find out their weak point to beat them easily. Here's the WEAK AGAINST list:

Chun Li - Hadoken (Ryu)
C.Viper - L. Kick (Chun Li)
Dhalsim - Optic Laser (C. Viper)
Blanka - Y. Frame (Dhalsim)
Rose - T. Hazzard (Blanka)
Rolento - S. Satellite (Rose)
Urien - Mine Sweeper (Rolento)
Ryu - A. Reflector (Urien)

Some tips:

- Recommend for beginner start from Chun Li stage, she is the easiest boss.

- If you have difficulty on the laser lock area of C. Viper stage, equip Chun Li's L. Kick can break the laser lock easily.

- Dhalsim stage has some annoying flying "aladdin", user Optic Laser from C. Viper to kill them.

- E-Tanks should be save for Vega fight (where you can climb the net). You will find this boss in the 2nd stage AFTER you beaten all eight bosses

- In the last stage where you re-fighter the eight bosses, there's a white and black balls turning in the middle. Shoot them to reveal the healing item. They will respawn everytime you beaten a boss. Picture below.


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