Feb 7, 2008

Devil May Cry 4 - Secret Missions

Secret Mission 01: Annihilation

TimingMission 02: La Porte De L'Enfer
LocationTerrace/Business District
ObjectiveDestroy all demons within time limit

Secret Mission 02: Alley-Oop

TimingMission 04: Cold-Blooded
LocationDining Room
ObjectiveSuccessfully execute a mid-air Buster 5 times
without touching the ground

Secret Mission 03: Nonviolent Resistance

TimingMission 05 (or 15): Trisagion
LocationSoldier's Graveyard
ObjectiveRaise your stylish ranking without using attacks

Secret Mission 04: Tracking Treasure Down

TimingMission 06: Resurrection
LocationAngel Creation
ObjectiveFind all the hidden orbs

Secret Mission 05: Sky Scraper

TimingMission 07: The She-Viper
LocationLapis River
ObjectiveReach the goal by rising to the top

Secret Mission 06: Vermifuge

TimingMission 10 (or 12): Wrapped In Glory
LocationSecurity Corridor
ObjectiveEliminate all Chimera before
the Scarecrow is taken over

Secret Mission 07: Free Running

TimingMission 10 (or 12): Wrapped In Glory
LocationMeeting Room
ObjectiveReach the goal without falling through
the vanishing floor!

Secret Mission 08: Royal Blocker

TimingMission 14: Forest of Ruin
LocationForest Entrance
ObjectiveSuccessfully execute a Royal Block 5 times

Secret Mission 09: Unbreakable

TimingMission 15: Fortuna Castle
LocationLibrary (Bottom of Stairwell)
ObjectiveEliminate all enemies without taking damage
and without being captured by a Fault

Secret Mission 10: Puppet Master

TimingMission 05: Trisagion
LocationMaster's Chamber (above the stave, behind mirror)
ObjectiveManipulate the Gyro Blades and raze everything!

Secret Mission 11: Point of Impact

TimingMission 16: Inferno
LocationFortuna Castle Gate
Look for a set or 3 Red Orbs while going up the mountain; in the mid or the staircase to the left, face right jump, Air Hke, Trickster dash and lastly perform an attack with Lucifer weapon to locate a hidden area on the top.
ObjectiveUse Pandora to destroy distant objects

Secret Mission 12: Steeplechase

TimingMission 17: Adagio For Strings
LocationOpera House Plaza
ObjectiveReach the goal without taking damage

Finally, thanks to fromac4 who has uploaded the video of all Secret Mission locations as well as how to clear each of the Secret Missions. Check the video below to locate all Secret Missions.


Edoardo Cavenago said...

Hi, can you post some videos of the secret missions 3, 8 and 9 please. I would like to see how they are done :D.

Anonymous said...

Mistake on secret mission 3, should be Mission 15 not 16

Great guide though, ty.

sephirosuy said...

^ thanks for the correction

Edoardo Cavenago, here's the video:
Secret Mission 03
Secret Mission 08
Secret Mission 09 (pandora)

Btw, you can actually find alot of gameplay video from Youtube.

Anonymous said...

Hi, can you please post the gameplay videos of the Secret Missions 4, 11 and 12...?
Nice guide by the way...Keep up the good work...!

sephirosuy said...

Video of Secret Mission 04

As for 11 and 12, I found you this (M 09-12)

Again, you guys can find lot more DMC4 video from Youtube actually.

Anonymous said...

Is there a secret blue orb fragment? or a secret mission with 2? Since i have every single one in this guide except for 4 which are in the secret missions i have left (which is only 3) so either my math sux or there is one orb that you haven't shown in this guide. Im positive i haven't missed one except these 3 missions since i just checked every location in this guide including all the combat adjudicators and i still didn't find it. So either my game is bugged or im blind since i been to every location in this guide.

Anonymous said...

Hey there! Here is a tip for the Unbreakable secret mission - nr.9: fighting off the first 6 enemies is easy - 3 parasites and 3 assaults - but the next three is infected assaults, bad ass things. Easy solution: kill first 6 and have Pandora fully charged. When the the 3 infected assaults teleport in use Pandoras speacial move: RB+LS forward+B for insta kills :) makes that mission MUCH easier.

Anonymous said...

For the unbreakable mission i found that the charge shot on cyotoe-A is quite useful paired with the jump attack with gilgamesh is quite useful, pandora is tricky cause it doesn't track enemies and has limitied range and also it leaves you open alot.
wit the the shotty if u shoot in the air u can get a much better rate of fire than while standing on the fround, also you do not have to use gunslinger either.

Anonymous said...

the royal blocker mission its best to just kill one of them first and then you only have to focus on the one enemy to block, he has three attack, the laser thingy, the close range sweep, and the charge stab, the first two are relatively easiy to time and block but the last one. also the counter resets if u get hurt, u have to perform a Royal block 5 consecutive times

Anonymous said...

mission just seems freaking impossible